Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was listening to NPR Weekend Edition this morning and with the big election coming up in a few weeks they mention that the biggest issue was the economy in particular the fact that the unemployment rate was holding at a steady 9.5% for the last 14 months. The highest rate since the 1933. But what is not reflected by this number is the number of folks who have given up or quit reporting to the unemployment office as their benefits have run out. This number if added to the actual unemployed could well bring it up to 15% and that is not a stretch of the imagination.

Of course the two parties and their different factions within their parties ie Tea Party in the Republicans and the liberals in the Democrats were pointing fingers at each other accusing the sorry state of affairs on the other watch.

Of course they are both guilty. We used to tell our kids that when they pointed fingers at someone they were pointing 3 fingers right back at their self's.  Perhaps in that the parties are acting like big children it is time to point out that old saying to them.

The biggest problem as I see it is that their is no one willing to say 'Yes they are to blame but so am I and we need to quit pointing fingers and begin to point out solutions instead.'  But will that happen? I seriously doubt it.

We haven't had serous political leadership since LB Johnson led the conservatives and southern democrats by the nose into the Equal Rights Amendment.

Or Richard Nixon out of the quagmire of the Vietnam War and the reinforcement of the Environmental laws to establishment of diplomatic relationship with China.
While you might justly argue that these men were flawed. I would argue though that on more than one occasion they stepped forward and said this is the right thing to do. It is this willingness to take a stand and lead the people to do the right thing is the only thing that will lead us out of this economic free fall we are in.

While descended from the elite the Roosevelt's both Theodore and Franklin were men of the calibre we need. to day. Theodore took on the monopolies in the turn of the centuries that set standards of fair play in our economy and Franklin led the people out of the depression. setting in motion Social Security and belief in he right for all who want to work to work.

The below link is to a  fireside speech he gave as to a proposal for a bill of rights for all.
It is probably too late for this amendment but tell me after you listen to the speech calling for fair education, jobs, housing and medical care for all that we might be in a different place if it had been adapted.
It was his untimely death that kept this from becoming possible. For those who are believers in conspiracy some believe his death soon after giving this speech was because of this proposal.

The Election is coming up soon. I will vote and I will vote Democrat. At least that way I can complain I participated in the political process. 

As to the 9.5% unemployment. well I don't see it really improving anytime if ever In fact I see where it might be only the tip of the iceberg.  We could easily become a nation of has-beens. Patted on the head by the world powers but never ever taken seriously again.

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