Sunday, October 10, 2010

On a Lighter Note

Well today I started working on the end tables that my youngest needed while I am at it I will probably make my oldest a pair as well.

They are made of what I have in my shop available which is 2X4 and 2X6 dimensional lumber left over from building loft beds for two of my grand kids. The ideal came from a web site called Anna White

Most of the furniture is made by people new to woodworking and the plans and ideals are offered free for all.

After warming up with the end tables i am going to start working on a promised dresser for my daughter put off mostly because I dread making drawers. But there is only so long before I must breakdown and do it.

All this is because I have found more time on my hands as the grandson I was watching is being watched by my daughter his aunt for now at his home. I got tell you I admire those grandparents who find their self raising their grandchildren at the age you usually have grand kids it is no easy task I complain and I only watched him during he day while his Dad was at work.
5-2-10 Adam's stepstool4-26-10 Gustav Stickley style plant stand

I am slowly rebuilding my shop and will post a few photos of it and the work I turn out of it. preceding photos are a couple of shot of some of my work.

Side note.

Been thinking about buying me a Ipad along with a wireless keypad for it. Hoping by doing so I will free myself from carrying around a 6 pound notebook. Most of my work is either saved to a site like flickr or to this blog so a large memory isn't totally necessary Provided that is that I can find the apprioate apps.

If anyone has thoughts as to recommended size 16 gig,32 gig, or 64 gig or if it would be better to stick with a laptop let me know your thoughts.

Also would like suggestion as to how to or were to get some good soil for container garneing. Containers are best for us in we are renters and need to be able to move them with us. So far haven't had to best results with standard potting soild.


  1. Dave I do all my work off of small laptops or a Nokia n810 web tablet.. Working out of Google apps. for mail and blogging works without a hitch and allows me to work anywhere with wireless. For writing tho a small netbook like a Samsung from amazon at + or - 300.00 works excellent for me.

  2. Thinks for the feedback i am thnking it would be a unnecessary expense. I will I think pickup a new net book to carry.