Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

I know based on some of my recent writings that you might think this is a more or less and off beat political blog like we need another right. But the original purpose was to write about my interest or things that catch my attention. But recently that has been what has been on my radar.

So forgive me if I do post on what was on my radar yesterday. My family. Sunday was a traditional family gathering at our house and it was grand. Instead of cooking a big meal my wife and I stopped on the way home from church and picked up chicken and fixings for everyone. All I can say it was a very good day.

Even with all of my family gathered around the world had a way of inserting it's ugly head.

On one hand there was my daughter who has been unemployed now for almost two years. There was the warning I had given my kids that some of the finical aid we have been giving various one at different times might come to a end that the non-profit as most non-profits were having difficulty of meeting their budgetary needs and their mom's hours might get cut. Both of my son's were talking about how tight things were in what they do and how little work exist. So what am I trying to get at.

So what was my advice to the adults of my family who were expressing their concerns. To my boys and wife I would and have said focus on what you are hired to do not let the office gossip cause you to do something you might regret. To my daughter I have told her the work she did has fled to third world countries and she needs to rethink what she wants to do for work. To think outside the box.

To all of them I told them to keep it simple and to live simple. Now is not the time to buy without a purpose in mind. Sweat the small stuff for it may very well be the thing that gets you through this life we have found our self in.  I told them when they tell me how they are sure looking froward to when this bust cycle is over that there may never ever be the boom cycle we all had gotten use to. Don't assume their paycheck will continue forever.

Yeah, I know real gloom and doom right. I didn't mean it that way for I truly believe that we will get through this but not in the traditional way of a boom cycle.


With the vote coming up the radio and TV are running rampant with political adds. But it seems to me as I watch, read, and listen the only person who seems to be winning are the Ad agency who produce this vomit of political rhetoric that does not seem to bear anything relevant other than elect me I will represent you better than the other guy.

But the truth is as candidates come depend on these political demagoguery to get elected they come to depend even more so on political action committees to fund their campaigns. What worries me and reader I don't think you can deny the plausibility of my worry, is the influence that this money buys.  Influence the average voter and citizen can't hope to have with the candidates.

An example that I know of is one political action committee called The Concerned Taxpayers Committee. This it turned out was just two men who had used the influence of their money and the PA C's as a way to get around the maximum contribution amount, for them right at half a million.

 Kind of makes you wonder about your twenty dollar contribution for like it has been said "Money talks the rest Walks".

By the way  I will vote.

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