Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Real Value

I read a number of blogs and listen to NPR talk radio and do the old time thing of reading actual paper publications (Utne, Mother Earth News, Mother Jones, and Texas Observer). The ideal is to try to keep a balance in my life. To neither panic nor go blissfully thought life.

Your are probably saying as you read this that "I knew it he is a bleeding heart, Knee Jerk Liberal" and you would be right. But it is not that simple. No one tells me what to believe and just because it is written down or comes over the air waves does not make it so for me.

Only after I have set down and reviewed and confirmed by personal experience or by those I trust, and they are few and far between, do I then accept what accept a statement or event or situation as fact. This is what I suggest to your reader to do as well.

There are people and organization who want you with them to add you to their numbers whether it be the Tea Party or Green  Party and they will appeal to your base instinct or survival in order to add your money or vote to their cause. Trust no one be paranoid there is someone out to get you.

Wow. Do I sound paranoid or what.

But even recognizing this as being paranoid does not keep me from sitting with my back to the wall,always carrying a pocket knife, never going into a place without acknowledging the exits,  and the people who are sharing my space. To me this is just common sense.

I guess I am writing about being paranoid because of recent readings and news I have heard on the radio.

In Utne Reader the recent articles were about food and food production. When all the articles were boiled down it is essentially that we are producing enough food to feed people but it is a matter of who controls the food and the distribution of food . Second that the food we are eating are way too often genetically and chemically modified to the point of possible extinction of that particular food source with the ignoring the natural growth and production of our food.
On NPR the comments on the economy are that the middle class is shrinking and the majority of middle class income either have not gone up and most likely have decreased. in all states with the exception of one North Dakota. Starting Wednesday more broadcast on this subject is coming. About North Dakota I believe they have laws and regulations that favor banks and credit card companies.

Enough on this subject.

On personal note I was sitting at my dinning room table this morning drinking a cup of my favorite coffee looking out at our small container garden and what a shambles it has become. Between my retirement and helping family it has like my shop fallen it to a disreputable shape. But whit things starting to stabilize I hope to rectify this situation ASAP.

Beginning with the garage/shop I will clean up and straighten replace and renew tools as needed and begin again to work on delayed projects. In our small container garden I will asst my wife in reviving dying plants and beginning a vegetable section come this spring. My Dad and Mom were believers in idle hands or the devils workshop and Lord knows I get into enough trouble on my own.

Current Reads

Current recommended  a magazine called Utne Reader and alternative magazine that collects articles from the world publications and publishes the articles at one location making it easier for a person to get a overall perspective and allowing you to pursue an issue by giving you obscure publications that you might not have a chance to read.

Enough for now

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