Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dejuv all over again

Ok the election is over. President Obama won both the electorate and popular vote so not one can claim they cheated. Yet sore losers still abound. The only thing is that it is our life that they are being spoil sport about.

So what next?

That is the question. The president is playing hard ball something he should of done from the begging not now in the last 4 years of public service. Yet the President and the Democrats have upped their game and they are surprised that the Republicans are being hard headed and are complaining about being dragged to the woodshed.

Hey democrats and Mr President just because you won doesn't mean that the rhetoric has changed. While there have been a number of congressman jumping the TEA party Norcross Pledge ship it is still not going to get Republicans to start talking. All it means is that the Republican party has taken on a Bi-polar position.

By bi-polar mentality I am saying that you have TEA party folks becoming more entrenched, Ayn Rand faithful feeling that the rich and eleite are under even more threat from the working class, and the few poor moderate running around not sure of what to do next. You end up not knowing who to talk to hence the bi-polar attitude.

To me it is again a argument for a legitimate third party that moderates of both parties might find common ground and get their voice heard. For in the end while I am by nature something of anarchist I understand that extreme positions both on the right and left will never agree even to disagree. Rather it its the moderation that get things done. Folks who see the value of listening to others and adapting to the needs of the people. These people are often the ones shouted down by their respective parties by the extremes positions that often surface.

So what's next? That remains to be seen as we approach the proverbial fiscal cliff.


Projects - Well life has intervened to keep me from working on projects of my choice so I have nothing to report here.

Reading - Somehow I have managed to read Lee Child first book on his series the "Jack Reacher' called the "Killing Floor". Not bad but at time tedious but it was his first and he had not refined the way the book flows. I have been reading Crag Johnson "Another Mans Moccasins. good read so far.

Movies - Watched the newest Spiderman movie with grand kids and the high body count movie "Expendables 2" a movie with so many one liners from old action stars you didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. I laughed and enjoyed the movie.