Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm Back

Ok, I know it has been a couple of months since I last posted but life happens while you make your  plans. That is pretty much what has happen with me. 

One thing and a kind of big thing is that the old laptop I use to write with bit the dust and while I have a desktop and another laptop of my wife's that I could of use not to mention my ipad well you would think that would be a poor excuse and I guess it is. But there is something that is intimate about writing that makes me do it on something that is exclusive to to me because of the very intimacy of opening up that writing regardless of what type of writing brings out.

While I have been known to comment on the social nature of our society to the determent of projects commentary this I hope to correct in future writing. 

Speaking of social comment a quick side note it appears that the elite 1% of our society  have manage to beat down the protest of the working glass and I mean that literally.  But i will comment on that latter in the future.


My wife has been busy trying to build up an eBay store focusing on large sizes such as 3X and larger that she finds in second hand or thrift stores. It actually looks like she might of found a need. She focuses on finding high end donated items for resale bought on clearance or white tag sales then sold starting at slightly more than she gave for them. The ideal is volume not price. We will see how it goes. 

I help by looking for buys in watches and such that with a simple battery replacement and a new NATO watch band puts the watch back into play. It is tough because often the watch becomes attractive to me. 

The other thing is looking for things that are not clothes such as vases, depression glass and pottery or china that might be good for resale. Some of these end up on our Etsy store front.

It don't always work out for example I bought in auction two 1950's Western Electric telephone operaters chairs in excellent shape with original paint but so far no interest other than my own. 

Shop projects that I am undertaking is the refinishing of a table top that my wife bought and wants to keep along with the repair and refinishing of a old dining room chair wooden from the 1950's.  

Along the way I need to build book cases and display cases that can hold a LED TV. So this building season that I am starting on will be a fairly busy one.

Books and Movies

Reba and I recently went and saw the new Tom Cruise movie "Oblivion" that turned into a excellent SCIFi flick. If you can ignore hubris of TC life you will enjoy the movie. Next up for us is the new Star Trek movie for us. 

Books that I have recently completed have been two Lincoln Child  "Deep Storm" and "The Third Gate" which I am still reading. As usual they combined elements of the supernatural/alien/technological/conspiracy thriller that he is well known for. He keeps you on your toe like his writing partner Douglas Preston.

I have also completed the Phillip Kerr "Bernard Gunther trilogy Berlin Noir" his setting of just before and right after WWII in Germany is fascinating. Particularly in how he blends in historical fact with fiction. I highly recommend this author.

There is a TV show that I started out not liking but watched because Reba liked it and that was a BBC America show called "Orpheus Black." But, now I am into learning what is going on in this black science fiction show about clones.

Well I have bored you enough for now. Hopefully this is but one of many post to come.