Thursday, November 1, 2012

For Profit World

I heard yesterday that we are now the only country on the North American continent to not have Universal Health Care. Mexico went as Canada did so many years ago and guaranteed health care for all legal residents.

During the interview that CBS was doing they were talking to several US citizens who were living in Mexico for the obvious benefits of lower cost of living and now the benefit of health care. One of the interviewed was a US doctor who committed that the care was equal if not better than what is available in the US.

I am not going to say much more than this. If Mexico a country that is equally economically challenge as us if not more so can do it then why can't we? The answer is because who would profit from it.

If we are not careful we are going to allow the rich and corporate fat cats drive us into a third world state as if we are not already what I call a 2nd world state.

Lately I hear a lot of folks calling for vouchers for use to send your kids to private schools. pulling the money from the public sector to do so. This is nothing more than the rich resenting the fact that some of their meager tax money goes toward educating our young while they pay for the kids to go to private school with them bearing the total burden of the cost. The problem with the voucher system is that the money used to cover the voucher come from the public schools systems that are already on the ropes resulting in further limiting the educational opportunities of the children of the working class.

For those who are of the working class who think that the voucher system is a great ideal than I would suggest that you give this some thought. Most likely the tuition cost would not totally be covered by the voucher's/ That means you would have to pickup the difference. If you think that means you will get little johnny into some Ivy league prep school think again.

The bottom line again is this if the elite 1% and corporate America cant see the profit then they are going to be against it. Whether it is health care for profit or education for profit. Bottom line again it is about the profit not about the needs of the average Joe.

Let us make no mistake we are in a class war.