Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is safe to eat?

I sometimes fall out of habit of hearing the news. You know how it is you get busy and life goes on without you. Then you get a little snippet and then the next thing you know you have a whole new series of worries.

I had already heard of the scare with the eggs, which is not too surprising when you consider most factory farming techniques. But lunch meat was a new one.

It would seem that if one of our exporting countries to the US is not trying to kill us with their product, see China etc. , then it is the basic greed of our own food producing companies.

What is a person supposed to do? No seriously what is a person supposed to do?

Well Linda Stern of Money Watch had a excellent blog that had some really good ideals of some protective practices to do or a routinely basis.

Needless to say it would probably not hurt to develop a stronger connection with our food and start buying locally and thereby having a firmer connection with where our food comes from and a stronger responsibility with what we choose or eat.

When was the last time yiu ask where your food came from. Maybe it is time to start asking

Friday, August 27, 2010

Here I go again

Well her I go again trying to have the discipline to keep up with a blog and find something to say if not on a daily basis then on a weekly basis.

Most blogger just want to write about their day and I may do that. Some blogger write about what pisses them off and I am sue I will do that as well.

Some blogger will write about their passions or what is turning them on at that moment and again I am sure I will do that.

In short I am sure I will write about everything and probably none will read it but me. Then again maybe someone will read and think I know exactly what he means.

In the end this blog is about being at “A man of a Certain Age” and what it means.

Agree or disagree please let me know if I am the only one who thinks like me or if you think I am just plain crazy, nuts, stupid, or ill-informed.