Monday, September 6, 2010

Still trying to figure it out?

I was thinking on what to write about and I realize that in some ways I have been in information overload. With all of the broadcast, radio and TV, combined with the blogs and written word you become addicted and fearful
Fearful you might miss some vital bit of news that will keep you from falling in the dark morass that we seem to be determine to enter. The best as I can remember that is called fear mongering. It becomes a case of stirring up the masses to make profit in the confusion.

I think it is time to remind myself of what I always knew but occasionally forget.

 KISS Principle

When I was a youngster my Dad taught this simple principle to me everything I started getting a project complicated it was that to Keep It Simple Stupid.

His belief was that everyone tends to have a natural inclination to complicate things beyond what seems possible. From that we end up with something we totally don't recognize. See the recent health reform if you doubt what I am saying.

In the case of information overload it boils down to one, questions everything. Just because a person of power and prestige says it is so doesn't mean it is. If it really bothers you then research it and see what the truth really is.

Second, use common sense and realize it is to there advantage to keep us in a uproar. When you are hysterical you are not thinking you will do something in haste that you will regret at leisure.

There is a old engineering saying that applies to this and well just to about anything when you thing about it.
It is "When you are ass deep in alligators it is hard to remember the original goal was to drain the swamp."
Don't let the information overload push upon us by the media and power brokers put you "ass deep in alligators."

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