Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Futre of American Health Care

Try as we might we can not seem to enter into a health care system similar of our trading partners instead we passed a incomparable health care bill that does absolutely nothing instead we stay with the health care for profit system that all were agreeing does not work.

Recently I watched a sci-fi movie called Repo Men. The premise of this movie was we were still in a for profit health care system and bio-medical had made significant advances as to allow heart, lung, limb just about anything you could imagine if it failed it could be replaced.

But there was a catch the product belong to the bio-medical firm until paid for and if you failed to pay for it then they would come and repo it. Laws had been passed to allow them to remove the item from your person without regard to your survivability. The laws also restricted your movements or travel so as to prevent you from leaving for a country that they could not repo their product from your person.

I highly recommend this movie made from the book "The Repossession Mambo" By Eric Garcia. Watch it for it's entertainment value then reflect on what the message was. It might get you to thinking.

A added thought the blog Smart Money recently reported that health insurance companies are reporting significant rises in the premiums. Funny I thought that was not supposed to happen.

When asked about it their response was when we are forced to add coverage that did not previously existed then our premiums have to go up. When the White House was asked about this their response was that regulation of premiums etc were the responsibility of state's insurance regulators and that they even gave money over the next 10 years (approximately $250 million) to aid them in doing this.

When the a poll of state regulatory agencies were made the general response was if the request is genuine then they can't see how they can deny it. Tell me you did not see that coming.

Anyway if you watch the Repo Men see if you don't catch the reference to a major pharmaceutical firm.

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