Thursday, September 2, 2010

Careful or they might just poison you.

Doctors are taught that they are "first do no harm" but sometime they get so caught up in prescribing they create a unbelievable nightmare. My Wife just went through this and the chemical hell it put her through as a result of adding meds on top of meds without thinking of the consequence.

It started with a elevation of blood pressure which she has to watch so she spoke to our family physician and they prescribed a med that led to headaches. But, it didn't address totally the blood pressure so an additional med was added this increase the intensity of the headaches.

Since they acted like migraines a typical migraine headache med was added to her meds but were not working so they added a second med that had been recently approved by the FDA for migraine treatment and it was here that things got out of control. 

It was this second med that originally prescribed for bi-polar and for seizures that created the even more of a problem, by the way drug was Tropimate. Somehow the marketing department had managed to get the med approved for treatment of migraines by the FDA.

If used for the original purpose or with people who were bi-polar the drug is fine but if not then the side-effects or another affair altogether. Beside destroying your taste buds it also creates problems in urination, energy levels, constant sleepiness, ability to concentrate but fortunately it makes you dumber than a box of bricks. All of these were side-effects that my wife was suffering through. By the way did I mention that the med was addictive.

The trouble is you expect your Doctors to have your best interest and when the system fails you it is a lesson you need to take to heart. So what are you to do?

First don't hesitate to ask your Doctor about the meds you are taking it's possible side-effect and if not satified don't hesitate to look up the side-effects on the internet then challenge the Doctor.

Remeber I said that the orgianl problem was elevated blood pressure. What I finally did in behalf of my wife who was becoming emotional and extrtemely distress at her state of mind was to do exactlly that. Reminding him what we orgially were trying to do and that the headaches were brought on by the blood pressure meds. Reluctanly he took off everything and said once the meds we should go to her cardiogist and if headaches reaccured to go the neurogist he had us going to. Which, by the way the neuroglis was not needed if the meds had not caused her headaches.

You have to have faith in you doctors but not blind faith. Challenge question and if they are offended then go find another.

In defense of doctors though I have to blame both the drug companies and FDA. The drug companies for markenting their products for things they were not intdeded for and the FDA for approving it without the apprioate studies.

Let's face it our medical system is totally screwed. basic medical for profit does not work.

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