Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Dream Reteriment

When I decided the doctors were right and I needed to retire and began working toward that eventual day ten months ago. I had definitive ideals as to what my retirement would be like. Somewhere along the way while ass deep in alligators I forgot the original goal was to drain the swamp.

It wold be easy to blame the government, big business, the medical industry and even you dear reader for my retirement not being what I intended. But the truth is it is my own damn fault.

The government did their part without hesitation and agreed that I was no longer fit to work and granted me disability on the first attempt. They could of strung me along for years as they did to my daughter in law. But I had paid in to the system for 45 years and therefore had earned the right to my Social Security.  My only wish is that I did not have to wait until June 2012 to be eligible for Medicare.

As to the medical industry well what can I say I always knew we didn't live in Canada or a modern European country so I should of not expected anymore than I received which in truth I am better off than a lot of folks forced to retire. I have a doctor who charges me minimal amount for a office visit and put any test he needs on a corporate account with a medical test firm. By the way surprisingly cheap makes me wonder about medical charges in general.

Ah but I am straying from what I expected of my retirement days.

When I was prepping for retirement I thought I would find myself living a full life. Days filled with a few productive hours in the shop making beautiful furniture reflecting dedication to craftsmanship. I would then do my three times a week at rehab in the pool. maintain what flexibility and muscular strength I have. I would meet with my wife a couple times a week for lunch. I would be Grandpa's to the rescue from day care on occasionally

I would spend a few hours a day reading, writing , working on my photograph, or simply spending time mediating on life in general while taking my coffee on the patio. But"life happens as you make your plans."

I could blame my family, I could blame the economic bust cycle we are in, I could blame the government for not passing a health care program that will work, in the end though I must blame only myself for becoming at times morose over what my retirement has turned out to be.

I knew a guy who was a list keeper. He would keep a list of things he needed to do that day, that week, that month, that year, and to before he died and would check it off as he completed a task or item he wanted to do.  At the time I thought what a waste of time. That it didn't allow for flexibility and I eventual asked hm about it.

I remember his response he said my list is written on paper in pencil not chisel in stone. It is constantly changing as my priorities change. The list he said keeps him focused and on task.

When I was working as a inspector I kept a short list of things I needed to do that day and would check them off as I  completed the task. By doing so I stayed focused and completed my work assignments I think it is time to start doing this again. To keep a list of things I need to do that day.

To get back on target as to what I expect from my retirement and quite whining about it. To make my to do list but remember it is not chisel in stone but written on paper in pencil. 

It is what I would suggest to anyone thinking about retirement. To think on what you expect. Plan out your days. Make you list of things to do. But stay flexible because life will be what happens to you as you make your plans.

Oh and don't forget to laugh occasionally at your sense of importance.

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