Monday, August 6, 2012

Time to Drive the stake into the ground

One of my favorite visions of native American heritage is of the Chyenne Dog Soldier who would confront their enemy with their disdain by driving a stake into the ground and tying off to it daring their opponent to attack. I see it both a move to allow the tribe to make their escape and most importantly an act of defiance.

Perhaps it is time for us to drive a stake onto the ground, tie ourself off to it and call for our enemies to make their moves on us. Perhaps it is our time for our last great act of defiance. Why am I calling for this?

Simply, the radical group the TEA Party and their lapdog the GOP our nipping at our heels. They are systematically ridding the GOP of its moderate influences who tradtionally got things done in Congress with the Democrats through compromise and our replacing them with folks who sole agenda is to consolidate their myopic viewpoint of the rich our 1% elite know best and the concept of a "trickle down economy".

If we don't do something soon to either strengthen the Dem's our come out With an alternative party then all will be lost and the division of the haves and have-nots will become even more pronounce. It is time to drive that stake into the ground and tie our self off and stand and fight.

This past weekend I watched the PBS show Bill Moyers and Company a new show hosted by Bill Moyers a long time activist and commentator on issues that or a threat to our society. As usual his timing is spot on. First with his review of a report on the move by radicalized state GOP governments to limit and manipulate who votes in the upcoming elections. But then he followed with a review of a documentary film that showed the development Tycoon Donald Trump coming into a remote part of Scotland to build a golf course on sand dunes that environmentally sensitive. 

What makes this film important it showed the arrogance and total disdained that men like Trump hold for the people. How it makes no difference to them what destruction they bring down on the local inhabitants to achieve what they want. If they need to use eminent  domain To seize property closing down farms and homes of people who have lived their entire lives well that is just too bad. You would laugh at the absurd behavior of Trump if it was not so frightening.

The final segment go the show was dedicated to a review of the history behind Medicare and Medicaid both of which Moyers was intimately involved in while serving with LBJ in the White House. This segment is really worth watching and reminds us that it was a start not the end.


Too dam hot to get much done in the shop. Also I am waiting for money to buy a Parting tool to finish a turning project for my wife. In the meantime I have begun designing a 3 section bookcase that the 
center section will hold the TV. Right now we have a traditional 
entertainment center that eats up space in our compact living room.

Book I have been reading by CJ Box has lacked what I consider to be an edge to it. In fact I have found the book to be sugar sweet and for this diabetic almost put me into a comma.

Fortunately I have some good replacements waiting I the wings.


  1. I was talking with my mother just last night about the lack of moderates in government. We were wondering if there was any hope for compromise which actually moves us forward as a country. I just don't see it any time soon.

    What parting tool are you looking at?

    1. Looking for 1/8 " tool I find that it works fairly well for me as a beading tool. - also there has been total lack of politeness in politics since 1994.

  2. A great example in the Dog Soldiers--and absolute truth--we are at a crossroads--reasonable voices are drowned out. We are the lost, little people of this country and no one cares.....excellent post as always.


    1. Thanks for your comments Warren. Always appreciative of blog.