Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The other shoe has dropped

Well after putting off my colonscopy for over 10 years I finally had it done. Apparently my reluctance at having the test done will cost me.

First it would seem that man who spent 40 plus years on his feet or sitting in a truck develope hemroids. Nothing needs tobe done in that it does not bother me.  So that's ok.

It is the other reason you have this embarrassing procedure done that was revelatory.

The scope revealed several polups that required removal in that they tend to be Pre-cancerous  so they were removed. It was the one at the very end of the exam that proved a problem.  It was more involved and could not be fully removed indicating its most likely cancerous and will require a more involved surgery.  More will be known in a few weeks after results of the biopsy has come back .

But an offhand comment by my doctor is that he believes it is at an early stage and can be sussfully dealt with. So for now I am just going to put it in the hands of God and the doctors who assist me in improving my health. 

I am not telling you dear reader for your sympathy but more as a moral tale not to put this simple test off just because it is embarrassing and you feel vulnerable. If you do well let it not be said I didn't warn you.

Movies - Books - projects

Well projects have taken aback seat for now. But I have been reading more. One of the books has been the Walt Longmire series by Crag Johnson called "kindness goes unpunished " a excellent book putting the Wyoming Sheriff in Philidhia Pa.  A excellent read fast paced and excellent characters.

I have been watching on Netflix the BBC America  " Luther" and "The Last Detective" well worth watching but be aware "Luther" is quite intense.

Speaking of BBC America their period show called " Copper" is really quite good with a New York cop set in 1865. Of course I can't forget AMC "Hell on Wheels" again I like westerns the first season of which you can get on Netflix.

Well enough for now.


  1. No worries David, things will be good----they are excellent at cleaning out the pipes now adays...
    mend well and take it easy---

  2. Thanks Warren - like you said no worries - for some reason unlike my usual self I don't seem to be obsessing over it.- it is what ever it is.

  3. I will have a colonoscopy next Thursday. This will be my fifth I think, and I am 52. I had polyps with my first one which were successfully removed and I go now on a regular basis.

    I'll be praying that everything turns out fine.

    1. Thanks and good luck - Heard from the Doc said it was a benign tumor instead of what he was afraid of and when he was in there he had managed to clean out about 90% of it and stopped because of fear that it might me more involved. Now he wants to go back in and remove the rest of it after he does a catscan of the region to make sure of what he is cutting out when he does a coloscopy.