Saturday, July 21, 2012


Here is a scary thought for you. What do you think of a private security firm like Blackwater acting in place of your local Police Dept?

That is a firm hired to replace the local PD by a company who by low bid won the right to patrol your neighborhood and enforce the community laws. This would be a enforcers who answer and tie to the community is the paycheck they receive. Am I the only one who see the opportunity for corruption and abuse of power.

Apparently this is what is going on in many of the communities in the US where budget shortfalls are using this opportunity to privatize the Police. I find myself thinking of stories of Bagdad with Private security firms racing through streets firing at will into crowds, using reinforced vehicles to drive through traffic jams. Abuse because they can. This is apparently what a lot of communities like Oakland Ca. and other similar sized communities are doing. They are following the example of New Orleans who used 150 Blackwater heavily armed men to patrol the richer neighborhoods after Katrina.

I am having a hard time articulating what I am trying to say but basically the ideal of a private security firm replacing local governmental Police Depts. as ominous. For I see it as once again the elite 1% ensuring their control and keeping the rest of us in line. It was bad enough the influence that the elite often had over the local PD but it will be ten times worse under a private firm who’s employees allegiance is it’s paycheck signed by stockholders. Again Not US.

Here is another thought for you while on this subject as of recent reports the greatest growth industry is Private Security Firms who not only shake door knobs but monitor security cameras and electronic info ie…emails, cell phones. You get the picture. A one stop we do everything for your security company. All of this will be justified as cost efficient and if we alone the way must give up some freedom for security then it is just the cost of protection.

But I would quote Benjamin Franklin who said in 1775 “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

To help get a clearer picture of this log on and watch this Frontline documentary

Where is this coming from you might ask? My paranoia? Perhaps, but that does not mean someone is not out to get ya.


Spent the past week working on my old truck adding a trailer hitch and attaching a wheelchair carrier to it. Best thing I have done. It has made it easy for me to get around to areas that do not have electric shopping scooters. Not to mention able to get around to the places like hospitals and such, which are disable unfriendly.

Finished reading Peter Bowen’s book “Thunder Horse” a great fun read. Have started reading CJ Box mystery.
Reba and I have recently been watching on PBS George Gently biritish police dectictive set in the mid 1960’s.  It tends to expose a side of English PD that you often don’t get over here. Apparently they are rather racist. Also have been watching “Falling Skies” on TNT excellent alien invasion movie. Also on A&E the series “Longmire” has lived up to it’s expectation.


  1. Was that wheelchair carrier a lot of work to add? Glad it helps you so much.

    1. Jeff- it was a solid Steel carrier so it was heavy but it works once mounted. - I did have to mount a receiver hitch for it. I"ll post a photo of it n next blog. But it opens up places like the library and such.

  2. I found your comments on Blackwater well thought out---we are facing a future of the 1% buying protection from the rest of us. If they cannot flee they will pay any cost..excellent commentary.

    1. Local surb of Birdville has announced that they will outsource their police to a local private security force. ---