Thursday, August 16, 2012

Totally Black

Frank Sinatra was quoted once as "When you think things have about gotten as dark as they can get that is when it goes totally black." That pretty much sums up the state of the union right now.

We have what we call our two party system that are deadlocked as to what to do next and basically determined that no matter what to paint the other party as guilty. All this does is a big fat nothing as to solutions.

but in all honesty there is probably not actual solutions to the situation we are in right now without some dramatic steps that people are not ready to take. The first of which would be a third party to spice things up.

How would this work this third party?

Well first they would hopefully be a party of moderates or centralist. who would while not likely strong enough to take power would be strong enough to guide the legislation that the country needs at this time. as a moderating influence this party would offer help to both sides of the aisle where legislation makes sense while keeping the radical element from getting too out of control. Although for this writer I fear that my left leaning almost tipping over beliefs may find some of the more moderate views annoying while at the same time making sense.

But until we do have more moderates in office we are stuck with the media controlling elite spilling out their vitriolic poison through the Rush Limbaugh's and Reilly's that will keep the rhetoric poisonous. Thereby continuing the stalemate that has become business as usual in Congress.

Because of the deadlock in congress there will be not solutions for encouraging better means of food production. There will be no soloutions to global warming. Florida residents better learn how to swim. There will be no soloutions to many of the problems most notably dwindling water supplies.

So until there is a thrid party willing to be a moderating influence you must choose between either the TEA Party (elites) controlled GOP or the Dems who have enough Blue Dog Democrats (GOP in sheeps clothing)to keep meaningful goverment from happening.

As for myself, to keep my parents from rolling over in their graves I will be voting for the Dems, always with hope but fearing it is the darkness before it goes totally black.


This past week I refinished a metal bread box that has been in my family for a long time. I was telling my wife Reba Nell that as best as i recalled my Mom got it from my grandma. Anyway i sanded it down and gave it several coats of paint green for the bottom and yellow for the top. I had to redo the top when I realized that the paint was not wanting to stick. Apprently oil or grease of some kind kept it from bonding with the metal. But cleaning with a solvent took care of it. My Daughter has already put her name on the bottom of it.

Reading - finished up Bruce DeSilava book "Rogue Island" and it was a great read. strongly recommend it for pure entertainment value. Already bought his second book "Cliff Walk" it was that good. In the mean time started Crag Johnson's "Kindness Goes Unpunished"

Movies - TV has been really good of late for show like "Hell on Wheels" and "Longmire" along with the great Sci-Fi"Falling Skies". An upcoming show called "Copper" on BBC America starts Sunday and looks interesting so I am looking forward too watching it.


  1. Good post, we more moderates. My wife is a big fan of Falling Skies.

    1. Thanks Jeff. For reading and your comments.

  2. Well I tried the 3rd party route with Perot..actually that was the only other time i voted for President until Obama...unfortunately as you say nothing seems to function.
    Great Bread box--and good job keeping a functional item like that doing what it is supposed to be doing-----

  3. Thanks warren, the ideal of a thirdarty is to,keep the other two in check. I know Ross Perot on a professional level and I too voted for him. Eventually I figured out it was just another ploy by a rich guy to play us for his own gain.