Monday, September 3, 2012

Thoughts on Health Care

Recently I had a little scare that fortunately turned out to be nothing. But it did have me spend some quality time with health care professionals. Now most of the time I find doctors periodically need to be reminded that they serve you and not the other way around. They start feeling a little too self-important and forgetful of you as a human being. But still most of the time they are OK. But what I found out to be the most reveling is when you talk to their support staff.

Did you know that most Doctors do not offer any health care insurance to their staff. At best they treat them free of charge and give them meds from the free stuff they get from the sample bin. That means the very people who you see first before the doc that take your temps and try to make you comfortable and consequently exposed to a wide variety of infectious colds and flues have no reliable health care. I mean after all do you want your podiatrist treaty you for pneumonia?

I was also surprised of how many responded to my questions on how they felt about health care reform. The overwhelming number were for a universal health care or medicare type system for all.

It wasn't just because of their own perilous situation but because of the many they see that come through who have forgone treatment because they could not afford the basic care they needed until it became a matter of life and death.

Many scream about how they do not want socialize medicine as it will lead to rationing of health care. The truth again is we already ration health care. Either by simple inability to afford it or the meds or by the health insurance industry denying claims or services for any number of reasons mostly because it is industry standard to deny the claim on the first request.

I am one of the fortunately ones in that I am on Medicare and have taken advantage of their buy up insurance plan.. This means that I pay $0 to my Primary and only $20 to specialist. My meds of which I take 7 only cost me $4 apiece for $36 a month average. A recent colonscopy cost me only $20 and that included the removal of the benign tumor. Any lab work I have done cost me $0 and all of this for a fee of %99 a month. If we can do this for our seniors and disabled why cant we do this of all.

Now I know you are screaming at me saying this is the kind of thing that is breaking this country. But BS is BS and that is exactly what it is. When I was preparing to retire the City brought in a SSI specialist to advice those who were approaching that age. The rep a medicare specialist when asked if the system was in the process of going broke responded if we did not take anymore money in as of that date, 2009, and just used the money that was already collected the funds were enough to last until 2030 at the soonest.

So why are told of dire predictions of impending doom?

Because the system as it is setup right now does not set well with the elite for it is money they cant touch. So their mouthpieces set and scream about entitlement programs that are giving away Cadillacs to welfare moms and of impending doom if they do cut back or do away entirely of these programs take it back to pre 1930 days.

But they are right about one thing it is an entitlement program. But it is an entitlement program you are entitled to because you have earned it. Do not let these greedy SOB's take it away these programs that help feed the needy, educate our children, make our retirement possible, and health care fessible.

For more information and insight on the problems go to PBS Frontline and Bill Moyers and Company for a unique and eye opening info.
Well I have been on my soapbox long enough but pay attention and be ready to take to the streets if these bastards make a move on us. Finally never believe them when they tell you it is not personal for it ablsoutley is.


I have begun assembling a list of materials I will need for a bookcase/TV stand to replace the clunky old entertainment system we have right now. But first I need to finish the design of it and I can't seem to settle on a final configuration.

Reading the second novel of Bruce Desliva "Cliff Walk" and again I am amazed at how some books are just easy and fun to read and he seems to have the knack.

Netflix has been playing a lot into our TV movie viewing mostly the BBC series "The Last Detective" a great show of a man who receives little or no respect from his superiors or his peers but suprisingly solves the unwanted cases.


  1. I am glad to hear your everything went well with your colonoscopy. I have mine on Thursday. :)

    We have been watching more stuff on Netflix and loved the Sherlock Holmes mini-series. I'll have to check out the last detective.

  2. Yeah I like Sherlock Holmes new series as well. They have a odd one coming on commercial tv this fall but I have my doubts

  3. I really like your statement on it's an entitlement because we earned it...great way to put it. I never knew Dr.'s treated their staff like that---I should have expected that tho.......
    great Blog David..
    all the best