Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toughen Up Cupcake

Sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of what you want to do. Take for example something as simple as writing this blog. What I want is to be able to write and post a couple of times a week. The reality is that I am often pushed to post once a week and life is the reason for this late post.
When I retried two years and seven months ago I thought I would spend the “Golden Years” of my life working in my shop, writing, photographing, reading, finding a good 42 game and spending time with Reba and the grandkids and well my kids as well, although they aren’t as much fun as the grandkids.
Instead I have found myself without time or money for projects all too often, it is either one or the other. I spend way too much time with Doctors then grandkids. That same time spent in waiting rooms cuts into writing, photography as well. Reading is hard when you find your mind drifting thinking about what the Doc’s are going to tell you but somehow you manage to occasionally complete a book or magazine article.
Ok, enough whining.
It is time for me to “Toughen up Cupcake”. I will make to most of each day, each hour, each minute that I have. If that means that I find myself heading for the Doctors covered in sawdust and sweaty that is their problem not mine. When I find my mind drifting from what I am writing or the photo I am taking thinking about the next doc visit or what they said I will give myself a kick in the ass and remind myself that worrying about it is not going to change anything.
So here is the best advice I can give to myself and anyone else as far as that goes. When life has suckered punch you and has you on the ropes, cover up and push off the ropes and hit back. It isn’t over until the bell rings.
Projects – Reading – TV/Movies
I am sharpening my chisels and will take to the lathe to turn Reba a necklace rack. Hopefully by the next post I will have a photo of the finish product. I am also going to turn a joy stick knob to replace the one that was on my power chair. After that Reba’s potting bench and a series of 3 to 4 six foot tall book/TV cases. I think I need to go down to Woodcraft and take one of their sharpening classes apparently my skills or eye has deteriorated and I am not as good as I was when in my early 30’s at sharpening.
Product DetailsI have been reading Neal Stephenson “The Baroque Cycle” a great read but boy is that book heavy. You almost need a book holder to keep you from being wore out from holding it.
Movies and TV will I highly recommend watching PBS on line if not available Frontline recent documentary called “Money, Power and Wall Street”. It will one make you mad and two make you rethink your entire ideal of banks and money and their relationship to you.

I also have been watching on youtube “Zombies from The Stratosphere” a serial movie from 1952 with Leonard Nimoy playing a minor part.
Again on PBS and available on line Masterpiece Mystery “Endeavor” and the George Gently mysteries series. Totally English not to mention they show a side of British Police you normally don’t associate with them.
Well enough for now I got to go and get ready to see the doc.

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  1. David you're an inspiration---if you can take a punch you can always outlast the other guy!!!