Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Like a Broken Record

I have been reluctant to write for fear I was sounding like a broken record. That I perhaps was bordering on the edge of tedium for some readers. But then again it is what it is and if I sound like a broken record then at least I am on record.

When Ideology and party loyalty becomes more important than the best interest of the people then someone should say “For shame!” Someone needs to cry out the king has no clothes on. To stand and pretend all is ok and all we need to do is elect a party to office and all will be ok is to build your house of straw just waiting for the wolf to come and blow it down. So with that having been said here goes.

Any party ie the GOP who primary and stated goal is to unseat a single man, President Obama, cut social welfare safety nets, and take the government regulations on the environment and economy back to 1929 and yet the common man, the guy who’s income has been slowly but aggressively falling since the election of Ronald Regan still votes for the GOP. Well, if we don’t try to inform these individuals, if we don’t try to get the message out then we get the government we deserve. Change comes only when the people will accept nothing else.

The OWS and 99% movement folks have it right I believe that change will only come when we take to the streets either physically as they do resisting the elite 1% and their bought and paid for political machinery and their security forces in peaceful non-violent demonstrations. Or, by using the opportunity of demanding change from our elected officials by showing up at their rallies and political functions. This is what ACORN has done in their community based activism when they show up at their city council meetings with questions and demanding answers and putting it to their local leaders wanting to know if they “Talk the talk do they also walk the walk” for social change.

This is what we must do. Support these groups who get out there and bring attention to our society problems. That is why Unions, as corrupt as they can be, still or viable alternative for representing the working man, both blue collar as well as white collar. That is why organizations like ACORN is so important for they act not just on a national level but in your neighborhood to assure fair treatment for all neighborhoods and not for an exclusive few.

If you believe as I do then ACT now before we slip so far down this slippery slope that GOP has us on and the Dem’s have allowed that the only way to correct is violent rebirth of our nation. Support those you believe in and act locally to affect global change.

It is going to take winning change by one precinct, one county, one district, one state at a time to affect true and everlasting change. This will not happen without you participating either with your physical presence  or your finical support.

For me, I will do as I preach. I will give of my time and available income to those who I believe in. And, even if this doesn’t work as I know some of you or scoffing at me as I write thinking it will be for naught, at least I can look my grandchildren in the eye and say I did my best for your future.

Projects, Books, movies

Well despite my way too much association with the medical profession I have managed to turn from a piece of scrap cocobolo a replacement joy stick knob for my power chair. Did you know that when you allow equipment to sit for a long time without use it tends to resist your efforts to setup. New joystick knob from cobollaApparently I need to spend more time at the lathe.

Recently acquired Peter Bowen “Nails” and just started reading after finishing Neal Stephenson book “The Baroqe Cycle” essentially 3 books in one and it weighed like it. But it was good a good read despite physical challenge of near 4 lbs of book.

TV can offer surprisingly good entertainment that is not meant to numb the mind. Example PBS Masterpiece Mystery theater with the Inspector Lewis series, the Zen series, and Inspector George Gently series. It can also inform you with shows like “Frontline” with exposes on Wall Street and how availability of dental care affects over 30% of our nations people health. Shows like these is one reason I support my local PBS and NPR  stations.

Enough for now.


  1. inspirational David. Excellent commentary and do not fear repeating it OFTEN...

  2. A joystick knob made of cocobolo? Sweet!

    1. It was scrap laying around the shop.