Monday, June 25, 2012

Choose wisely

Today I heard on NPR that a recent poll showed that 6 out of 10 or 60% of registered voters believed that it did not make any difference on the economy and jobs as to who won the presidential election. Apparently the people finally are not believing the hype that the President actually has a effect upon our economy other than as a spokesman. Why do I say that?

Well if you think about it jobs are created by investment either by government in infra-structure or by capitol growth in industry. The President can only propose legislation but it is our deadlocked Senate and Congress who passes legislation that invest in the nation benefits and infra-structure. If they choose not to as they are now then the working and lower middle class suffer accordingly. They suffer in the lack of construction jobs and manufacturing that results in the government investing in the maintain the public works and social benefits that help purchase goods such as food stamps and housing for the needy. All basically because some are afraid that the undeserving will benefit as well. Well let me assure you they will. But that is not the point. The point is the silent majority who will and who needs the social programs such a WIC, Food Stamps, Public Housing, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment benefits extensions. In turn the money given helps to keep these people from becoming more destitute and desperate and puts money they receive back into the economy.

But we are a nation of Puritan heritage that preached that if you haven’t been blessed with a silver spoon in your mouth then it is because you are not of the chosen of God. These people believe that their donation of used clothes and the Christmas basket is sufficient and that all should be grateful for their hand me downs. This Puritan Calvinistic altitude is anything but Christian. Christian says “For what you do the least you do for me” Mathew 25:40. Yet the ones who call themselves neo conservative Christians seem to forget this.

As to investment of captiol into the job market or manufacturing sector. Well that becomes a issue of how money is made into today’s world. Until it becomes a benefit to own actual property those who traditionally invest in factories will continue to make money off of paper. In short a house of cards that the nation backs up when the wind blows that house down. If you don’t believe me think Chase Bank and BOA for a couple. Until a international bank can see the value of real capitol such as buildings and equipment then there will be not real improvements in the economy or in the purest local sense. Unfortunately they can’t see the value in something invested on a local level.

That is one reason you should bank with local banks who live in your area, who see the buildings. Who depositors are the very ones who money they spent on improvements in the local business that do the hiring that supply the jobs to the very same depositors. It is a healthy symbiotic relationship as it should be.

In short the problem with the Chase and BOA hi-rise bank buildings is so often those on the top floor don’t know what is going on the bottom floor and don’t want to know.  For them their depositors are nothing but a numbers game. A matter of shuffling paper.

So when you get ready to vote of course vote for a President who represent your values are as close to it as possible. But, even more so vote for the congressman and senator who will act on the laws who will have effect on you and who represent your values.


  1. I am one who wonders if the economy will simply have to heal itself despite efforts (or lack of effort) by the government. I personally would not believe a candidate who said they have the wisdom to fix this global problem.

    To me, Calvinism does not fit the example of Godly living as shown by Jesus Christ. But many intelligent people follow Calvin's teachings which is puzzling to me.

    1. Thanks, Jeff that was my point as well. You might read a book called "Muddling Toward Frugality" by Johnson publish by the Sierra Club. It is how the global economy will become the local economy.

      As to Calvinism representing Christianity again total agreement. When Christ said many will call out my name but few will I recognize he meant few are willing to make the sacrifice to follow him, not as Calvin represented it and the Puritians believed

  2. We feel differently on the subject of voting David, but this is OK...your point is well made and thought out...but we do agree for sure on the local bank issue--the smaller the better...

  3. Warren - voting maybe useless but it is something I feel compelled to do. On more than one occasion I have written in Pogo. - a vote in protest, yes. -

    For lack of a better reason I vote because I can and at least most of the time I can say I voted for the other guy.