Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still working it Out

It has been a busy time for me. That translate into not much time to write or to read. But still I have made note of a couple of items of late.

For example:
  • The mostly conservative Supreme court has taken the Health Care Reform bill under consideration listening to arguments this week and I gather for the following two weeks. The primary argument against is that you can not force a person to buy health insurance. It seems a little odd to me that if they can force you to buy auto insurance pay for a drivers licences on the state level yet the federal government can't force you to buy health insurance. Don't get me wrong I not really a fan either. But the reason is due to nature of law favoring the insurance companies not the people by leveling a fan against those who fall thru the cracks that work yet incomes or too great for state and federal help but not enough that they are force to give up a luxury like food or housing to pay for it. It seems strange to me that the federal government program like Medicare can provide health insurance that is really good for $100 a month. To me it only makes sense to make it a universal plan available to all.
  • I also couldn't help but note the constant rising fuel cost. In my area it is up to $3.90 a gallon. Yet the normal reason sacristy of supplies do not apply in as much as it is pure profiteering. Fuel imports are down, domestic production is up, US reserves are at a all time high, combined with increased in fuel efficiency and increased use of public transportation. Yet fuel cost at the street is up. From what I understand it is all pure speculation and manipulation of the futures market. In other words another fat cat making money off our sweat. So think twice before you make a unnecessary trip to the store. It isn't just the cost of the bread you pay.
  • On Politics is it me are you also tired of the nonsense that is going on for the race for the republican nomination of president. The one thing the longer it goes on the more they show their true colors. THEY CARE NOTHING FOR THE COMMON WORKING CLASS. THEY SEE US AS SHEEP TO BE LED.
On projects I have managed to actually complete some of them.

I am now the owner of a 1997 Dodge Dakota PU with a 4cy 5speed tranny. Mechanically sound but cosmetically it needs some help. Bought from a individual she has a lot of miles but for $1500 I can't complain. The immediate need of a complete rebuild on the rear brakes cylinders and drums took care of any immediate needs. The charging of AC (done by myself) supplied me with cold air for when I need it. The Rest is just cosmetics and over the next year i will address those more for protection against rust than it bothers me.

I will post an acutal photo in a later blog. Fuel efficency seems to be in the mid 20's so far. There are a couple of things I will do to tweak the fuel ecconomy I write about later as well.

I managed to complete the repairs to my Power Chair. I managed to get the wheel strut off that was bent and for $10 a local body shop applied just enough heat and was able to bend it back into shape.. An hour after I had it home I had my power chair back in business. Unfortunately the power chair is essential for me to get around in and around my house as well as at the flea market as I can't stand or walk far with my old wore out joints.

I also bought the 1/2 inch wood I needed to build a remote caddy and have started on that . I will post a photo when I am done.

Reading unable to get any done

Movies watched but nothing worth noting.

That is all I have for now. Stay frosty brothers.


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  2. excellent point on the accepted auto insurance demand vs. the supposedly unconstitutional demand for health insurance...i wish someone in the media would pick up on this point---
    congrats on the truck--sounds like one of those excellent buys that will last...