Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Monkey House

Just a quick note but first a question. Are you as tired of hearing about the presidential elections particularly about the GOP runoff’s?

I know I am. Seriously they want you to believe what is coming out of these folks mouths like it matters. That each candidate is seriously different.  I got to ask how are they different. It is like looking at the silver ware drawer. You are looking for a spoon and you have an assortment of styles but in the end they are still all the same just a spoon. A tool of the elite.

Their ideal of saving the economy is to cut social services like Medicare and Medicade along with privatizing the Social Security giving access to the corporate conglomerates in the form of investment capital thereby risking our safety net while protecting their own capital. Ask a lot of the city and state government retirement programs that did just that as to how it work out for them. Many of a ex-government employee are scrambling to figure out what happen to their safety net particularly since many of them opted out of the SSI system.

If you believe that the elite and big business international conglomerates have your best interest at heart. Then I have a bridge to sell you in New York City.

Am I saying the Dem’s are any better. Hell no! But at least they talk the talk even if they fail to walk the walk. The dems can at least be expected to attempt to put a chicken in every pot even if that chicken is just a ghost of what a chicken should look like.

I already know that I will be voting a straight democrat ticket and refusing to vote on races that only have a republican to vote for. Unfortunately not having a democrat running for a city or state office in Texas is not uncommon.

I am reminded when I watch republican debates or congressional debates on the floor of the senate or house of going to a monkey house and dodging the feces that are thrown at us by the chimps (congress, senate and president) at us chumps looking in at them. No matter how much you try you are going to get some on you. It stinks and doesn’t come off too easily.

I read once a sarcastic comment offered as a prayer by a native American. That said “Lord, Protect me from those who wish to do me good.” In the end that is all we can do is to pray for protection. Just remember be careful for what you pray for you might just get it.


Recently watched “The Bang Bang Club” a movie about real events and people.  It based on a book about a group of photo-journalist that were documenting the fight for equal rights in South Africa in the 1990’s. The movie is available on NetFlix and well worth watching. The book is as well.

I have been following the ABC series “The River” filmed in the documentary style about a rescue attempt of an anthropologist chasing after some mythical place in the Amazon River Basin. You can pull off the internet past shows. Take time to get into it and if you can follow from the beginning.

Reading I have mostly been finishing “The Dead Lagoon” by Diddin and have pulled out my copy of Bruce Sterlings’ “Heavy Weather” a great book that I have read several times already but worth reading again.

Projects- Well that has been mostly building a dividers for my old 2 drawer tool box, going through my tools servicing them when needed and continued the cleanup. I am finding that I have tools that have walked away and can’t be found and tools that I don’t remember buying. I also have been deciding on whether I want to try to repair the wheel on my power chair or not. I think I might give it a whirl if I can get the front left wheel off to straighten and strengthen the wheel bracket. We will see. Wish I had a cutting tourch and welder.

To my family and friends who are reading this both items are on my wish list if you want to buy me a 110 wire welder or a small portable cutting torch rig.

Well Enough for now.


  1. I am pretty disappointed with politics in general. With the Alabama primary coming up, our phone is ringing regularly with computer generated political ads and they are all over the TV.

    1. Exactly what I mean. Think how much they spend on just to get your vote in the primary. That kind of money spent expects payback big tome.

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  3. Outstanding commentary on our political circumstances David...very well put. Glad that you still have the strength to vote where I am retreating never to do so again. thanks for the reviews I will search out the river.