Monday, March 12, 2012

Random thoughts on a shop

With the warming weather and sunny days I find myself thinking of getting out into the shop. In Fact I undertaken the job of cleaning up and in general making sure that all is well in my little piece of tinker heaven.

Yesterday I was working on my power chair; a front caster wheel bent; and as I was looking for a pair of needle nose pliers to pull cotter pins with I begin to reflect on what kind of shop I might end up when we eventually move to another rental. Part of that reflection rest upon what your philosophy or desires for a shop.

Several years ago I while reading a book on community design the author an Aussie living in the USA spoke of a community he lived in just outside of Sydney. He spoke lovingly of how while the houses were all fairly routine each house still spoke of it’s owner. Part of his reminiscence reflected on the shed in the back yard.

This shed was the domain of the man of the house and was where here at least he held sway. It contained his hand tools, work bench, garden supplies and usually stored his barbecue grill. From this small shed (as I understood a 8X8 ft size) bicycles were repaired, mower blades sharpen, and old chairs repaired. It was where you could always find the right bolt or screw or piece of scrap wood for a what ever purpose the home might need. For the author he saw this as a necessity and not a luxury for people to help have a connection with their home and their community. What he preached I understood and became a believer.

  As a result of the author I became fascinated with folks who took any available space and turned it into their shop. In turn I understood that you didn’t need a warehouse space for project to come out of but just enough room for a few tools, supplies and memories to be built.

So as I have been working out in my current garage shop I have started reflecting on different scenarios of what I can do to assure that I have piece of my own tinker’s heaven.  But whatever space I end up with I know there will be one be it a one car garage space or 8X8 metal shed.

Projects – Reading

This past week has been spent working or trying to figure out how to straighten the caster wheel holder on my power chair. Small spaces and my artheritc hands are not very compatible. But I think I have found the parts list for the Merit power chair I have and hope either to order another caster wheel holder or figure out how to straighten and strengthen the existing one.

I received two new books this past week Willam Gibson “Don’t Trust That Flavor” a collection of previous publish and new material essays that so far has been very enjoyable.

The second book is by James Lee Burke called “The Rain Gods” a mystery set in west Texas on the border. Judging by a few passages I have snatched from the bo
ok so far It will be as expected for this author very good.

Well that is enough for now.

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  1. I'm interested to read your comments on Gibson's book--I usual buy anything he writes immediately but this one I held off on purchasing?
    Small spaces are better--they demand organization as if you were living on a boat---another excellent blog david thanks for taking the time to write