Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second cell phone holder for a Droid phone

I completed the second cell phone charger stand for my youngest cell phone a droid based smart phone. It is made from salvaged mesquite flooring and piece of a end cut from a mesquite log for smoking.

Each one that I build causes me to focus on the little things and details.  The next one will be for my daughter's iPhone with the way it charges has me changing the way and what I do  so ti will be a little different.

On this current one if I had to do it over again I wold orient the wood grain on the back differently.

While on the shop I have gone back to working on the scrap pine wood end table. Working on the legs sketched out what I thought would work and have started to think about finish. I am thinking about a dark green wash top and natural legs or maybe a dark stain on the legs. See how it goes.\\


Still working through "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" slow beggining and family demands keep me from getting on with it. Just got a book, newfor me Peter Bowen character  'Du'pree a  montana based mystery' Called "Stewball".  Kind of a hardboil detective wearing Levi's working as a brand inspector. Good series if you like regional mysteries.


Can't think of anything to say over the sound of flushing of the US down the toilet.  Too much draconian and hatred not to mention verbage to say anything. Do read Robert Reich's blog.

I will say this and that charity begins at home. We as a nation seem to forget that.

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  1. Mesquite - wondered what that wood was when I first saw the photo. Cool. I have never worked with mesquite, once saw it used on a kitchen island on This Old House. Looks handsome.