Friday, February 11, 2011

Rolling black outs and too cold to think about it.

I write this today by occasionally blowing on my fingers in an attempt to get them warm enough to type. I have never been so sick and tired of cold weather than I am now. If I liked and wanted cold weather as a constant companion I would move to the frozen north and not live in the occasionally frigid south.

Our local energy supplier, Oncor, the one who sells to everybody else in the state of Texas, used the recent past snow and ice too do two  15 minute rolling black out. Supposedly their system was overtaxed as it was down time for a lot of their power plants while doing routine maintain. Even the hospitals were effected well almost all was affected as the NFL super bowl venues were kept in power.

I would complain more but --------

in the Shop

I would tell you what I did in the shop but it is just too cold to do anything. But the good news is that forcasted weather indicates we may be getting closer to our Texas Spring. So yea. Maybe when I write next week I will have something to write about and post a photo or two.

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  1. This morning, I opened the basement door where my shop is and was met with a blast of cold. We were in the teens for an overnight low. Glad I don't have a project going right now. :)