Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a difference a week makes.

A little more than a week ago the DFW area was wrapped up in severe cold and ice and now it is in the low 60's at night and 70 to low 80's at daytime.  Thank God for the change. I don't think I wanted to continued with the severe cold. But what ever comes will come.

In four months I will be 62 and that is a important milestone for me. Both of my parents died in the mid 50's and I thought that would be the same way with me. So for a long time I resented each birthday that came along. I felt that time was betraying me. What a great waste in worrying about it.

Just like the weather it will come and it will be what it will be. If I find myself blessed with life that takes me to 62 then I am grateful. If I live to my late 90's like my grand mother the I will be also grateful. I am going to do and live my life the best I can and accept the frailties of my body as being what it is.

For now I have the love of a good woman, children who are respectful and caring and finally grandchildren who will remember me. What more can a man ask for from this life.


Well my little phone holders are becoming a frequently ask for item and they are easily made and I enjoy making things that are practical.  I am also continuing to work on the small side table for the patio. When it is done I will take some photos.


Well I am still pretty well afoot. But that is OK. I am saving as best as I can and will buy a replacement when I can.  I am pretty well stuck on the ideal of another little mini-truck . But we will have to see.

When I pick one out to use I go by what some would call a gut feeling more than anything else. Looks can be deceiving and on more than one occasion when I allowed my desire to overwhelm my gut or intuition I always regretted it. 

As a result some of my choices for vehicles can look a little horrendous. But somehow they always seem to get the job done. Isn't that what it is about.


I have been reading Robert Reich's blog and I have got to tell you that this guy has it nailed as to what is going on in Washington. As a former Clinton appointee during his first 4 years he has a unique perspective on what is going on. I got to tell you it is very frustrating to read him and know he is right and feel helpless to stem the tide of self-serving blow hards. that seem to get elected to our leadership.

The the feel the betrayal of the individuals (Obama) who you felt would represent your best interest and the best interest of the USA do nothing but kiss ass. 

Extremely frustrating.

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  1. Here in Alabama, we turned the air conditioning for a little while yesterday. Nice weather - the back door to the screen porch is open as I write this.

    You should consider selling those phone holders on Etsy or something.

    I don't generally get into politics mostly because I feel helpless in that area.