Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year Resolutions Suck

Christmas is over and it is natural you start to think about the New Year that is rapidly approaching.

You think about time wasted. Money wasted. You tend to think about the general confusion you seem to be in but in truth it has been just another year.

Yet we inevitably think about what we want to accomplish, of the year's past resolutions we failed to live up to and think about what we want to try to accomplish next year.

Good friends and readers let me make a pre new years toast if I may

It is simply "Thank God we survived another year."

I mean really this has been one really strange time we are living in right now. So forgive yourself not living up to or accomplishing your goads you had set for yourself. It is a miracle you survived no thanks to the powers that be.

Bu what the hell. I tell you what I'll do I start out with this last post of the year with my New Years' Resolutions.
  1. I will continued to be the best person I can be and when I fall short I hope I recognize my failure and ask for forgiveness of those I offend. and strive harder. For I will fail for I am not perfect.
  2. I will continued to strive to protect my family and fiends and expect minimum help from my government.
  3. I will strive to think before I speak and hopefully make fewer idiotic statements and give less foolish advice.
  4. I will try to hid any money that comes my way from those who wish to part it from me. Although I figure that is a lost cause I still will try.
  5. I will try to enjoy each day as it comes and accept it for what is is.
  6. I will accept the fact that there is a sour grape in every bowl of grapes. When I get one I promise to spit it out and not let it spoil the rest for me. That goes for whether it be a bowl of grapes or a room full of people.
  7. I promise to holler out my war cry and  stand firm against the injustice and abuse of power and privilege.
Well that is enough for now.

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