Sunday, December 19, 2010

Domino Effect

One of the things I like watching on you-tube is the guys who spend a week or more setting up dominoes so that when they tip one over they create the cascade effect that  is unique and creative.

But unfortunately in life the domino effect often is not that unique or creative. You would think that folks would realize that by this time the simple law of physics that guide the domino fall creators effect all walks of life. But no sadly our leaders haven't a clue.

They say they do but as of yet I have not seen any proof of it. They keep setting up the same old dominoes up and then they say that it will last a life time or until someone sneezes and they all fall down.

You can understand why the activist become so dispirited no matter what they do it never seems to change. You elect the first black president. You put a overwhelming wave of vote out that says get off your duff and do something different. Then when the people we elect get into office what happens?

More of the same old s@#$ or SOS.

We think that means save or ship but for a activist it means more of the same old S%^&.

The problem as I see it is that the people we elect are either not honest with us as to how they really feel or who their allegiance is with or their butts hit the seat in the chambers of power and their mentality totally changes. Remember Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So what do we do?

A good question and the answer can only be one and that is to never give up.

If Martin L. King and the NAACP had given up because of the seeming no changes to attitudes or laws from previous generations of Civil Rights activist do you think there would be the Civil Right Act. I don't think so. Rather it is the steadfast pressure that will lead to the changes that will make the diference.

We must keep active. We must keep pushing no matter how ineffective we think our efforts are. It is the combination of the all the protest and letters and non-viloet acts of civil disobedience that will eventually lead to change. Just like it did with Civil Rights.

So we must keep on setting up the dominoes so that eventually and rightfully they will fall into something beautiful and righteous. It is only a matter of time.

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