Saturday, December 11, 2010

"It anin't over until it is over"

Yogi Berra was one of my favorite baseball players. More so because of his witticism that seem to just pop out of him. One of my favorite is "It ain't over until is is over."  Why? Because that is just it "it ain't over until it is over.

We tend to forget that. Just because something doesn't go our way we think that's it. It is all over. But that is far from the truth. It is over when we draw our last breath. When they put the pennies on our eyes to pay the ferryman is when  it's over.

So do you just give up when things don't go your way? Of course not

Does it change the reality of the day? Of course not.

To paraphrase another great philosopher of our time Popeye "It is what it is and that is all it is"

Since Cain and Able there have been someone trying to gain favor over you at the destruction of your person. Let me put it to you heathens this way. Ever since man has stood upright there has been one man tying to put his bare foot on the neck of another. So why should now be any different.

Obama accepted a compromise with the republicans, for what I truly believe he felt out of necessity, that would extend the tax cuts another two years. He did this he said for the working people not for the rich but to do so he had to accept the republicans trickle down economy BS and extend it for the very wealthy. This compromise also extended the unemployment compensation for those who were about to run out of them. This in itself would of hurt the economy.

Either way it has not ended it. It has to still be approved by the congress and senate and the democrats. particularly the more progressive are livid that they are being forced to accept this compromise. Yet at this time I think they have no other choice. They gave up the high ground for fear of being called Tax and Spend democrats.  About the only thing they can do is take the moral high ground and point their finger at the republicans and say "for shame". They need to do this and make their case at the same time. One with out the other is useless.

What does this mean. Will it means another two years of nothing happening .Another two years of our economy tanking and maybe never having a chance to stabilize. That is why it is even more important that you vote. That you make known your beliefs and positions. for not to do so is to give up an that is unacceptable.

Later in the Week

The Pres has come out with a little more fight to him. About time. The word is that he intends to work on getting the tax code changed into a more balance system with fewer loop holes. States that the current agreement if passed he has hopes will not stand for the entire two years. "It anoint over until it's over"

Reading Material

One of my favorite type of literature is the Essay form of writing. It is a interesting way of looking at different ideals and has been a boost to my mental acuity by making me stop and think. Currently I am reading the "Writers on Writing -The New York Times Collected Essays. It is just what it says Different writers of all kinds and genre talking about what motivates them. Common theme is it is all they know what to do and driven to do it. Makes for a interesting read.

Just started "The Devils Hatband" by Robert O. Greer. set in Denver, Co. new author for me.  A type of mystery that works for me are those that are regional in nature. Writers such as Tony Hillerman, New Mexico - John Dunning, Colorado - Jean Hagar, Oklahoma - James Burke, New Orleans La.  are a few of the type of authors I am talking about. Hopefully Greer will be one of those regional authors that will introduce me to a whole new way of looking at an area.

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