Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where has the year gone?

I went out into the shop yesterday morning and was surprised to realize it was on the cool side. Of course it warmed up quickly but wasn't just yesterday that I had two fans going trying to keep cool?

Of course that led me to realize that the it was almost a year since I had retired in mid December of 2009. That during that time I have seen things absolutely stay the same. I mean almost no change in what been going one.

Think about it.

Unemployment is still holding at 9.5%. Flat lined seem to be determined stay that way,. The political right seems determined to lead us down the path of destruction and with their majority in the US Congress it was just enough of a shock to the Democrats that they will stay absolutely in the middle of the quagmire that the Republicans have led us into and the Democrats determined to allow us to wallow like a bunch of pigs in a pig pen. Why you may ask.?

That is easy to answer. Fear! Fear that if they do anything someone may take offense and not give them the monetary support to be reelected . Again I will say it we do not have in the progressive/liberal tradition men and women with sand in their boots willing to offend people by doing the right thing.

So where does this leave us?

Up a creek without a paddle and the boat has holes and taking on water on fast. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Will the democrats realize that they lost not because they did something but because they didn't do anything they said they were going to do when the were elected. That they allowed the right to high jack the discourse and not likely to give up the bully pit without a fight.

So we will see another year i m sure if not another 2 years of democrats trying to point the way and the republicans shouting and screaming there goes the big government big taxation democrats and they will stymie and put road blocks stopping any hope of discussion or improvement.

To paraphase the Grateful Dead song "I may be going to hell in a bucket but I am difintly not enjoying the ride."

In the shop

Well yesterday I managed to find a palm router for my shop that look realitvely unused in a pawnshop so I made a deal and got it for half price. It wil lbe a great addition inot my shop.

Continued to work on the end table tops hope to get them done by Thanksgiving along with the legs.


Well I am still reading Robert Reich's book "After the Collapse" and tell you the truth I am finding it informative and waiting to see what he thinks will be the result of our current direction.

I am also reading "Writer's On Writing" it is interesting to find out how a lot of writer's work.

What's is New.

Well I and my wife have taken on writing for the Internet how to article for pay. The ideal is the money we receive will be used to help fill out the niches in what we need in trying to prepare for geezer hood. So far we seem to doing OK. But you know I found out it is one thing to know how to do something it is another to write it down on how to do something in 500 words.

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