Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeling the Aches and Pains

More than ever I seem to be feeling the aches and pains of a hard life. Of course it is mostly to do with the weather changes that my old joints are aching but your know that is all right for I got here on my own. I choose the work I did and do not regret it. How many can say that?

My only regret would be the times that I allowed work to step between my and my family. I believed in what I did mattered  in the long run. Was I right? Well yes and No.

Yes in that I believed that be there I held the contractor to a higher standard that he would not of followed if I hadn't been there to inspect his work. When found wanting then I was there to drive home the point that the client had specified a Cadillac not a Chevy Nova and at the same time to let him know by my actions I wasn't looking for a Rolls Royce either. I just wanted the Cadillac agreed upon in the contract documents and specifications.

I also believed I presented unnecessary waste of our natural resources by preventing the contractor from having to do the job twice. in catching the mistake before it got out of hand. I also believed that I protected the environment  by stopping the dumping of construction wast and stopping storm water runoff from the construction site into our drainage system. A job I took seriously.

But I didn't just hold the contractor to a higher standard but also the engineer who designed the project. I never hesitated in bring to an engineer attention errors that had made in their design either in pre-construction review of the plans seeing something specified that by experience told me would not work as designed. Also by never being intimidated by the professional who believe himself infallible merely because they had a PE after their name.

While saying this you should understand dear reader that I also held myself to a high standard. Hence the long hours and dedication to be on the job. I never told the contractor he had made a mistake until I had verified that I was not wrong myself. I was once asked by a contractor if I didn't trust him my response was "Absolutely" not for if I didn't trust myself why should I trust him." He looked at me and responded good answer.

I once had a supervisor, a Chief inspector,  tell me I needed to ease up on the contractor because it was just concrete curb. i remembered I looked at him and told him that if he felt that way then he could watch it himself because I was not going to accept the work in it;s current condition. 

In my 40 years as a inspector I never took a bribe. Never allowed myself to be intimidated by a contractor or crew member either physically or mentally.

What do I have to show for the 40 years I spent as a public works inspector.For the 10 to 12 hour days and occasionally 36 to 48 hours straight. What do I have to show for the wore out knees and hips the diabetes from eating crappy food for the lympedima from standing on my feet for for the 6 and 7 day weeks?

Nothing but my pride and self respect and a dis-ability check from SIS. So when the old knees and hips keep me up at night well I have no one to blame but myself and that is all right by me.

In The Shop

Absolutely did nothing as usual life got in the way while I was trying to do what I had planned. I did get a set of ramps made for the used power chair I bought to help me get around in the stores. and flea markets.

I also continued to work on the tops ot the end tables but no where near happy with them yet.

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  1. i think of the number of people sleeping safely in the places you inspected...thank you for your work.