Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2 just another Day?

Here is a questions for you when it is all said and done is it just another day November 2, 2010?

If you have been listenting to talking heads on radio and TV and by last count an average of 10 e-mails a day form the Democrats then it is the seminal event of our lifetime. If, depending on who you are, believe if they win then we all lose then I guess it is. But is it really?

Now I am voting and I am voting both my pocket book and my conscience and that means I am voting Democrat. But in the back of my mind I can't help but feel it really want make any difference in the long run.

I have been voting since 1972 and I have wittiness Presidents come and go and thought what it meant for as long as I can recall 1960.  So what do I know or have come to expect?

Well first most of what they say is just political get your vote rhetoric and changes nothing. I also know that under the Democrats first my parents, father a cabinetmaker and mother a housewife, and then myself a construction inspector until retirement in 2009 that we did overall better financially.

Second under the Kennedy and followed by LBJ we saw great social changes in the Bill of Rights and fight on poverty. Yet under Nixon the economy began to stagnate and experience the first oil crisis yet he initiated changes in EPA laws and improved relations with China and got us out of Vietnam. We also saw under Nixon how "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". Under Nixon the US went off of the Gold Standard and we began printing money that had no physical value.

Under Ford I saw a man who was just trying to get us over Nixon's chicanery and not much else.

Carter was a president who confused me. On one hand I saw where he faceted the interest of the banks who helped him get elected by some deregulating of money and banking laws yet was truly bothered by the lack of moral fiber in our country in our inability to make sacrifice to improve our fuel situation. Under him we saw inflation increased over 10% and our second fuel crisis. He was a greater ex-president then he was a president.

Ronald Regan was the president who had one main goal and that was to initiate the Conservative agenda and that inculuded the destruction of trade unions, destruction of social and enviormental  programs, and deregulation of business and industry.  When inflation continued to grow the indicators that determined inflation were changed and consequently the readjustment said inflation wasn't as bad. Under Regan we saw the slow and purposeful destruction of the middle class begin.

Under Bush we saw more of the same as Regan other than involvement in the middle east in the Gulf war I. Again oil was the reason and 10 years later the Iraq war began and counties still over oil.

For eight years we prospered under a democratic president, Clinton, or so it seem. Yet in my opine he really did nothing other than what look liked a strong start with the health initiative but was scared off by republican and big business (insurance) resistance. Consequently while initiating lowering of national debt and pushing Free Trade Agreements he also cooperated with the republican controlled Congress to systematically destroy social services and anti-poverty programs while doing nothing for the working middle class. By increasing the number of FTA's the Clinton and Republican Congress systematically dismantled what remained of our manufacturing sectors and pushed the very jobs that had created a working middle class overseas. In my opine Clinton was nothing but a closet republican.

That brings us to GW Bush this president finished the middle class off. Under him we saw it the economy unravel with big business scams some that began under Clinton but came to full fruit under Bush with banking and fiance scams that were morally wrong if not legally wrong.  Bush has involved us in a war in Iraq
that has bankruptted the nation and destroyed the military and brought us to be hated by Muslim world and seen as the cause of their repression and worthy of destruction. So we elected Obama

What has Obama done with his window of opportunity to enact programs that would truly change the face of this nation. Absolutely nothing. He waffled under the pre-tense of it is congress responsibility to initiate laws and did nothing to support the ones in congress who were struggling to do just that. Result once more the big international business won and the US American people lost and could be said the world lost.

So here we stand on the eve of another national voting day. Will you vote? I will and I will once more vote Democrat even though I want to vote for he Green party in Texas. I just can't stand the ideal of my voting for a independent party candidate allowing for a republican win. I feel like we are caught between a rock and a hard place without much choice. May God have mercy on us for big business oligarchy representatives will not.

by the way the cartoon came from a blog worth reading check it out.

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