Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Another Day

Just another day is what I told myself after the election. Did it go as I figured? Yep!

It was not a absolute toss out of the democrats but then again it just made it worse with the democrats now more than ever batting down the hatches fearful of doing anything least it come back to bit them. The blue dog democrats who are nothing more than republicans in sheep's clothing, will be encouraged to vote with the republicans believing that in doing so it will be less that the republicans can use on them in the next election.

After all it is the next election that they are already thinking of. Rick Perry, governor of Texas, a man who makes George Bush Jr. look like a genius has already begun posturing for the 2012 election as a presidential candidate with a book tour of a book he most likely had ghost written nothing more than a recital of old John Birch Society rhetoric and now TEA party slogans.

For now, the best ideal I think is to sit with your back to the wall, know where the exits are, and remember never let them see you sweat.


Finally received my copy of Robert Reich's new book Aftershock and I am finding him as engaging and informative as usual. I am looking forward to reading onward to see what his belief of what kind of economy is coming. But like any good mystery you should never jump ahead to the end to see how it ends for if you don't read the beginning and the middle how can you see where he came up with his ending.

Those who are finding his book informative might also like Warren Johnson "Muddling toward Frugality". Written in 1976 it is still applicable today as it was then. While waiting on Reich's book to be delivered I reread the book and took hope from his work.

One theory he postulated was that congress our government does nothing until the people by action make it so. For me it was a call to take responsibility for your actions without regard to what others are doing are think of what you are doing. The only thing that matters is that you take responsibility for what you are doing.


Watched the new TV series on AMC cable channel called The Walking Dead. Yeah I know another Zombie movie but I got to tell you it is a step above the average well worth watching. A side note after watching it I felt the need to watch a comedy to get the intensity of the last scene of the first show out of my head before bed time.

in the shop

Well I haven't had much time to spend in the shop but plan on getting into the shop to finish the end tables for my son's. I will post some photos after I finish them.

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