Wednesday, February 1, 2012

But Can You Walk the Walk

You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

That was the thoughts going through my head as I listen to President Obama on the State of the Nation. He made a lot of good selling points for this old working class liberal for the agenda he would like to set for the country. But we all know that it isn't going to happen.   

There is no way that the republicans in control of the house is going to allow any kind of action that might reflect well on the Democrats. In Short this means another year of the same old BS as we had last year.  

May God help us.

Movies, books, and projects

This past week I watched a movie my daughter brought home called “In Time”


I have to say that I am totally surprised by it. This was a movie that was futuristic in setting but current in theme. How you might ask was it futuristic and current in theme?

To keep from being a spoiler I will only say that the characters live in the future where  we are frozen in time at the age of 25 and from that point on we are advanced time based on our productivity. We don’t age but if we run out of our allotted or earned time we die on the spot. Everything we want or need is traded for not with money but with the time we are willing to give up and for the bulk of the people the amount of time they have at any one time is 24 hours.

It breaks the society they lived in down to those who have and those who don’t. Those that don’t live in literally the ghetto and those that have live in private enclaves protected by security and walls from the rabble.

I really don’t want to go deeper into the film risking become an spoiler, but you do need to watch this film. If it doesn’t disturb you with it similarities to our current life and society then nothing will.

Finished reading “Fevered Dream” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and it was excellent page turner and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys both a who-dun-it  with flashes of historical references and sci-fi possibilities. Simply a great book.

Out in the shop I undertook to create a docking/charging station for my Iphone. I use my phone as a primary phone and consequently it is never turned off for more than a few minutes. So I charge it while I sleeping with on my nightstand.

With inspiration from Etsy sellers photo of similar stand I began working out a proto-type and think I have a rough ideal. I would still like to remine it a little more before I begin making some for family and friends birthdays and Christmas presents.

It is made from a piece of cherry and a pair of old black screws used for leveling legs and set the piece at angle for viewing and looks. Like I said it is still a work in progress.

Well enough for now.

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  1. Good idea on the stand for your iPhone. I need one like that for my car.