Friday, February 10, 2012

Is There Value in a Pity Party?

Did you ever feel like a week has been a dud. I mean a totally waste of time and effort. If not then be grateful. This week has been that way for me. Even so I can readily admit I am grateful for the week.

But, you just said it was a dud. Well, yeah it was. But it still has a purpose.

My Dad used to tell me when I would complain of someone or something and I would ask why he wasn’t expressing similar feelings he would tell me. “David, everybody, event, and thing has a purpose if it is no more than to remind you not to do that again.  

That is what this past week has been for me a week to remind me not to do that again.  What again am I talking about?

First, it is wasting my time fretting and feeling sorry for myself over things I cannot change. It is feeling sorry for myself that I think is the greatest waste of this past week. I mean having a pity party not going to change a thing. Pity and generally feeling sorry for myself achieves only one thing and that is prevention of getting on with our life.

This past week because I only achieved feeling sorry for myself I did not get into the shop and build the remote caddy, redesign my Iphone stand to one that works better. In general spend time in the shop. Why? Because I was feeling sorry for myself thinking I could not do anything since it was cold or damp or both or I didn’t have what I needed. I could go on but I get bored with myself.

I could sit here and blame others for the pity party I have been throwing all week but truthfully growing up like I did if there is one thing I learned it is to depend on yourself not on another for what you need. So in the end I have only myself to blame.

The big question remains what to prevent the pity party to carry on into next week. The answer again is me. To commit myself to doing move forward rather than stagnating in this self-filling pool of frustration.

1.   First I am going to commit myself to spending the necessary time in the physical therapy. That is time in the Rehab pool 3 days a week to improve blood flow in my legs and lower body.

2.   No matter the weather excuses to get out into my garage shop and make some sawdust or noise at least.

3.   Take a moment to write and read. This is important to me. I like to read. Consequently that reading encourages me to write. What kind of writing well this blog for one. But to exercise my imagination and try a little fiction and work on my family history to leave behind when I gone. Although sometime family history and fiction are one and the same.

4.   Be a little more creative in the kitchen. I have allowed myself to become too routine in cooking that I do during the week. So it is time to change up from what I normally do and try something new. What better time than this coming week when there is Valentine’s day and my Wife birthday two days later.

No one knows really what lays in store for him or her. We like to think we are in control but if there is one thing I have learned by somehow reaching sixty-two years of age is that the only thing we can control is our attitude.

I hope this blog hasn’t been a totally waste of your time to read but it hasn’t been a waste of my time to write. For it has reminded me don’t let life get too you and drag you down. But rather keep moving ahead shaking off the lethargy can grip us when we allow self-pity weigh us down.


Sorry. Been too busy throwing a pity party and having my head up my a#% to get anything done.

Saw this cartoon and thought of Warren from Tesla's Laptop

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  1. David you are too right with that cartoon...

    Don't fret the pity party--often the purpose of such feelings are useful, to get ourselves up and going motivate us in new directions with better results...