Monday, January 23, 2012

My Momma Told Me Not to Come

My wife was asking this morning after a news item on our local NPR station about why Republican party in South Carolina voted for Newt Gingrich instead of who looked like a front runner like Mitt. The only way I could express it was that the Republican party in South Carolina was one step away from KKK in conservative thinking. I would go a little bit further and say that the Republican’s in SC probably think that the TEA party is too liberal.

One of the results of having readily available music in our Ipods and CD collections is that for me I have a tendency to apply a musical theme to my thinking. Right now the musical theme for me tends to be that old Three Dog Night song of “My Momma Told Me Not to Come”.  It is that feeling that there are so many things I don’t understand that is going on right now.

So in the end all I can say is grab hold of something and hold on it is going to be a very strange party we are going to attend this year.

Projects, Reading, Music, Movies

I am tired of looking for my remotes so I decided to take some mesquite variable width 3/8 flooring and turn it into a remote caddy. Once I have completed it I will post photos of it. But I am going to practice the old saying and keep it simple. As I write this that little voice in head is “yeah… let me know how that goes.”

Been reading Preston and Childs “Fevered Dream “ I forget how fast paced they can be. Highly recommend it.

I have been listening to some new music that reflect my moods of late which what can I say has been a little eclectic. But here our some of them with links to Youtube
Warren Zevon
"My Shits F!@#$  Up"
Life will Kill ya
Everlast "I get By"
James McMurty "We Can't Make It Here Anymore"
Chris Thiel and YoYo Ma With Sturart Duncan
Here and Heaven
A recent TV series from 2008 that was the US version of the Brit “Life On Mars” has been on our TV a lot lately and I got to say it is pretty good. Reflects the British version of the same but with a US twist. Recommend it to anyone who is tired of the same old TV fare.

Also watched recently watched the Russell Crowe movie “Three Days” a movie that starts out slow but winds up a surprise. Don’t want to be a spoiler so take a chance and watch it.
Anyway I hope this week for all is a good week and as the old irish blessing goes "May you be in heaven an hour before the Devil knows youre dead"


  1. I had that first WZ song once upon a time. Makes you think. If you asked people on the street who WZ was, I think most of them would not have a clue. I find most all politics a disappointment these days - not matter what level of government it is.

  2. glad to see you are a James McMurty and the heartless bastards fan...great minds roll in the same mud.....