Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just a Word to the Republicans and Democrats

I think that it would help us all to remember that our founding fathers had no faith in the common rabble, Us. We need to remember it is “For the republic for which it stands”. Not democracy for which it stands.

A republic is government ruled by a leader elected by a few to make decisions in their behalf nominally meant the elite. A democracy is a government of direct vote. One man one vote led by leaders elected to act.

We need to remember that the Senate was established to keep the common rabble in check in the House. We need to remember that the founding fathers did not have faith in the common sweaty stinking man to act with intelligence and grace. In fact in review of early history you can’t really blame them.

But they didn’t understand that the individuals could in fact become as corrupt as those in the senate. Be bought and paid for by those elite who believe that we were fodder for their gain. But they did come to understand it real quick.

Someone recently spoke of our elected officials that to get to positions of power, particularly, say the President, they make so many deals that it can’t help but corrupt their original agenda of doing good. Sounds familiar.

See the basic problem lies in the fact that bulk of the wealth lays in the hands of 1% of our fellow citizens of that roughly 20 Trillion dollars 7 individuals are reported to own 1.7 Trillion dollars alone. This kind of wealth translates into power and as we know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Our House and particularly our Senate don’t have a chance of standing up to the 1percenter’s, to this kind of power. Man is to base and weak to toss aside this kind of temptation that is waved like a carrot dangled in front of them knowing that the stick awaits them.

So you know that I am not just throwing out ideals without facts here are a couple of links that take you to those facts

Yeah, I know I used an article from Michael Moore but that does not alter the facts.

Now for the word to the two major political parties.

To the Republicans your manipulation of the working class will one day end and when it does all I can say is you forgot the lessons taught by French Revolution and the Italian Revolution led by Garibaldi. You can only beat down the people before they rise up in revolt. When they do there will be a power shift so unimaginable that there is no way 1% can stop it without what is happening in the Arab worlds happening here.

To the democrats you are going to have to quit being just talking heads, quite your whining when the Republicans ridicule you. Fight. Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.  You are going to have to get out of you Ivory towers and get down on the street and explain in way that the common man can understand. You are going have to sweat it out just like we do.  

Then when you have earned our trust then we might shift our vote from the neo-cons to those who understand and helped us to understand that entitlements are not getting something for free but what we are entitled to,  what we have a right to.

If you fail to shift. If you fail to get cut the corruption from you bloated body then the common man will do it for you. It want be pretty. It will be chaotic and anarchy will reign.

Remember, many of the leaders of the French Revolution found their heads in the guillotine in the chaos that followed. To end the chaos it took a charismatic dictator, Napoleon to end it.

You need to read Robert Reichs blog he makes compelling arguments that need more attention then it is getting.

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