Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the middle of the Night.

As readers of my blog might recall I have a bad habit of waking in the middle of the night with my mind engaged and it just want let me fall back asleep. It happen last night for two reasons one was from a blog I follow "Tesla's Laptop" and a book I recently finished  and subsequent short essays of Joe Bageant that I have been following up with.

Warren, the writer of "Tesla's Laptop" commented on his frustration of having to listen to the garbage coming from his co-workers on the Occupy Wall Street movement to President Obama. I also shared in his frustration while working for a local city government as a public works inspector. I sat there and hear things come from men and women who lived from pay check to pay check parroting the Limbaugh's and O'Reilly's and Fox New pundits that had no touch to the reality that was and is our life.

Most of the time I would sit there and keep my mouth shut believing as my Dad would say not need to cast pearls before swine as it would come to no avail. But, the l as 6 months of employment before disability force me into retirement I begin to speak of what I believe. This was received with a combination of mockery and the proverbial patting on the head. But I at least said my piece hoping that at least I put some doubt into their closed, fearful minds. That they might actually start to think for their self.

Did it work I doubt it. But I have a history that I am unapologetic for. You see when ever I find myself confronted without absolute stupidity I have been known ed to "moon" the people who have open their mouths and out came stupidity and should of known better.

That is right turn my back to them pull down my pants and tell them to KMA. Some times it has to be done. In my life time I have done 3 times. Once back in the 80"s, again in late 99 and again in 2009 just before I retried from my last job. All I can say it is the ultimate emphasising your point in the only way some folks can understand.

To those who felt like Warren that they have to keep their mouths shut, I say don't. It will only make you bitter and angrier. Say what is on your mind they don't have to like any more than you have to like what they have to say, but at least you will feel better. Then there is always Mooning when all else fails.

The other reason of awaking to full thought in the middle of the night was reflecting about the recent book I read by Joe Bageant "Dear Hunting With Jesus".  Joe, who died this year (1946 to 2011) was a unapologetic working class liberal who thanks to education provided by the GI bill that lead to a Carree in journalism and writing and his experience working in lower income jobs as well as a labor organizer was able to put into words of how people who should not but did support the uber-rich with their vote, sweat, and blood. He is worth reading  and rereading.  I think his writing would help those who feel that they are the black dot lost in a sea of white. It helps to understand you are not alone.

His essays are avaialbe for reading at the web site coldtype. link below

Take the time also to read his two books "Deer Hunting With Jesus" and  "Rainbow Pie, a redneck memoir". I think it will help when you are back into the corner trying to defend your liberal position.


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  1. You are amazing---just the concept of Mooning My co-workers has lifted my spirits---thanks so much for the inspiration...sorry about waking you up.