Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The image in your rear view mirror may be closer than you expect

The title of this entry is all too true when you look at everything that is going on. 

Think about it. all of the little sayings and you start to see that these few words cynics are are knocking out are entirely right.

No matter where you go there you are.
The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.
When you think it has gotten as dark as it can get that is when it goes totally black.
We have met the enemy it is us.

I could go on but you get the ideal. We are the biggest enemy of to our own self-preservation and hope for a brigthter tomorrow.

How this is so and what to do about it is the subject of future writings that will explore this subject. Truth it probably has already been a subject that I have covered inadvertently but will explore it more in depth.

It is not enough to merely put forward the problem without offering are asking for solutions. After all it is easy to point fingers but quite another to put forward a solutions as well. That is one thing I will try to do.

Reading and Projects

Started reading Joe Bageant "Deer Hunting With Jesus" and I got to tell you he has a refreshing view point on the class struggle that is going on. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants some help in understanding what is going on today political and economic struggles.

Started my wife's salt and pepper shaker hanging display case yesterday with choosing a piece of Cherry to use and laying out the sections of it to be milled. It feels good to be out in the shop doing something productive for a change. The case right now will be 30 " tall X 15" wide and 5" wide..

It will have two fixed shelves that use through mortise and tendon on the top and bottom shelf with a arts and crafts look or least feel to it. There will be two adjustable shelves in between and use of a french cleat to hold it in place. I will post photos as I get further into the project.

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