Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ike was Right

Recently there have been on PBS a series of stories on "Frontline" that discussed the private security industry. Now Frontline wasn't discussing the retired cop working as a bank guard. No, we are talking about a billion dollar industry that contracts to the US and international business including other foreign countries.

So how was Ike right?
In his last speech from the Whitehouse in January of 1961 he left us with the following warning

President Eisenhower  was right in his warning against the Military Industrial Complex that was bilking billions during the cold war or now taking billions in the name of security from an unknown terrorist threat. What is worse is that they are not being called to account for the money spent all in the name of national security.

Frontline inditified two different concerns in their expose as presented in a investigative artlcle from the Washington Post. One was the fact that General Dynamics, Lockheed and other defense industry contractors have assumed major resposiblity to provide both physical and intellegence security and second that some of that "spying" was on US.

The above link is to the article of the show that should be read and you need to  watche the Frontline video..

While you might assume that these specialized bussiness  would be located in the Washington DC area the Post found out that these highly evolved and growing business are also located in your backyard like branches of a creeping vine spying on us in order to protect us. Or so they say.

While you might say, "ah, you are just being parnoid." and you might be right but that dosen't mean it isn't happening.

Here is food for thought. Police are using homeland security money to buy drones for use in surveliance including cities as small as Arlington TX.

Now combined that with all of the security cameras that or hooked together or on-line and now you get some of the ideal of what my concern is about. Someone is watching you.

The big question is how do you stay off the radar. Well that is something worth looking into in my book and in the future I will.

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  1. David
    excellent posting--the military industrial complex has held this country back from being what it could be for so long by cultivating fear...Strange how Ike a military career man first warned us of it. Soon the enemy will be us....