Sunday, March 6, 2011

How things can change so quickly.

Saturday I went to first Monday at the local flea market in Weatherford Tx. To be able to go I had to load up and take my scooter which means I have to use a set of ramps to load and unload. While my knees are not strong enough for me to use in walking over a flea market with the scooter i can. unfortunately I am not very agile and while unloading the scooter/power chair decided to try and fall off the ramp. In the process of catching it I fell and unable to get on my knees to get up was dependent on the kindness of passing strangers to help me get up.

Now my right knee is strained more than usual along with the muscles and while I believe it will get better I also know that I can't afford a orthopedic Doctor to take a look at it or afford any kind of physical therapy for my knee.

Even with the Health care act I still can't really afford medical insurance and unfortunately must wait another year before I qualify for medicare.  I am like 34 million other US citizen and find myself out in the cold when it comes to health care.  Dependent on self-diagnosis and the kindness of my family doctor who allows me to see him at base cost and use his corp account for test that need to be done.

Right now I spend $400 a month meds and doctor visits and sometimes even more. You might say. In June of 2012 I will qualify for Medicare and that money will go to cost for coverage. 

Even with the existing health care bill to buy insurance through a pool of high risk insurance companies sponsored by the Federal government it will cost me $558 a month with a sizable deductible before anything but preventive care is covered. This is a little more than my budget covers. 

You may say well you didn't plan your retirement very well. Too be honest I guess I didn't. But I also didn't really plan on retirement. I liked the work I did as a public works inspector. Unfortunately my knees gave out before I was ready. For 40 years I paid into the system without complaint and now I am needing it's use roadblocks are thrown in my way to discourage me for use of things like Medicare. 

Enough crying about it. Instead when it comes to time to vote stop a moment and think what you would do if  suddenly you lost your job. Your Independence. Your health coverage. then vote accordingly.

Listen to the Republican party and I assure you they are not a friend of the working class.


  1. Sorry about your troubles. I am a Republican, but a very moderate one. While the health care debate was raging on, I did some internet research and found that there are many people like you that simply need help. I don't like the idea of government run health care, but you would think that the USA, being one of the wealthiest countries in the wourld could figure out something that works in some shape or form.

    Good luck to you.

  2. so sorry about the knee circumstance dave--hope you heal up fine...Terrible that you have to go through this yet you keep an excellent attitude---congrats---we have only ourselves---the government has abandoned us all.