Thursday, March 10, 2011

The ABC's of Life

Last night I was watching a show called "Justified" a show on FX cable channel reminiscence of a western with US Marshals VS. bad guys. The location of the show instead of the west is set in Kentucky and deals with a variety of issues mostly armed robbery and drugs. Combined that with excellent story and local  makes for great TV.

Anyway the two main characters a deputy US Marshal and a local bad guy who had been childhood friends but chosen different paths is the center of the show. I digress but the bad guy who was trying to change his life finally gave in and agreed to help three bad guys rob the miner's cash payroll where they worked. But the anti-hero didn't trust them and got wind of their intention of killing him and managed to reverse the game on them. During the prep for the robbery the three bad guys soon to be eliminated were getting nervous and were pressuring our anti-hero who told the leaded he needed to learn his ABC's of life and was asked what did that mean. he said the ABC's "Always Be Cool".

I thought when he said that was it was a motto for living. Always Be Cool.

Anyway the whole thing of what is happening in today's world really blows me away sometime. But you know there is nothing I can really do about it other than what I am doing now, voting , writing and encouraging folks to act and never let the bastards see you sweat.  So in the end I can say is to practice your ABC;s of life and in the mean time I will try to do the same.


Well I am still looking for another second hand mini-truck but the chase is getting closer to an end. I am looking at three other Isuzu Pickup and one Mitsubishi Mighty Max.  One of the Isuzu is a 4wd V6 engine version and that kind of intrigues me but I try to remind myself of my Dad's old Mantra of Keep it Simple Stupid and I fear that would be making it more complex. But still........

In the Shop

Watching after a sick grandson and not getting around to pickup supplies have prevented me from getting out in the shop like I need to but hopefully that will change soon and I will be able to get some more finish supplies and get the end table done.

Other projects on my list to do
  • a stand for my bench top band saw
  • four cell phone holders/stands
  • a jewelry box with a hidden drawer
  • Four toy chest
  • book shelf's with capacity for a LCD TV.
  • Desk for laptop.
  • A Welsh hutch from pine
  • a number of turned bottle stoppers
  • several versions of the Stickley plant stand from Cedar or Redwood.
I think I got a lot on my plate so I have better get with it.


I think I am going to have to start planning time to read and get caught up with purchases I have made form Amazon.

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  1. Your shop to-do list would take me at least two years! Good luck.