Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Other Shoe to Fall

You know how when you have gone to bed and you re half asleep and you hear someone come in and start getting ready for bed and you hear one shoe drop and then you don't hear the second shoe drop and you keep waiting and waiting well you get the ideal.  It tends to put you a little on edge.

That is what it is like living in today's good of USA. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

You have on one hand a US House and Senate that seem to be determined to play one up man ship but since they have no real interest or risk seem to not mind putting the rest of us at risk. That goes from the common man out on the street trying to beat a living out of an economy stagnated as far as income goes but inflating as cost of living goes. But, I forgot the cost of food and housing and fuel don't count in the COL index. These were things that were instituted during Regan years so as to bring the cost of inflation down which were at the time double digit.

It has been and always will be a numbers game for the politicians. If you don't like the numbers get new numbers. It does not change anything but make you feel better as you drive over the fiscal cliff.

The one thing our government is good about is passing laws that have no meaning but looks real good on paper. And, if along the way it helps out your biggest contributors well that is counted as a win win. That is exactly what the Health care Reform Act is all about. Looks real good on paper but truth is has little benefits to the common person on the street.

Take for example the requirement of all person irregardless will be required by 2014 to have health insurance. A win win for the health care insurance companies all they give up is the can't deny for pre existing conditions. But failure none the less if you can't afford it now how are you going to afford it then. If you don't then they will lay a tax on your income but if you do they will give you a tax credit.

Sounds good right only the tax credit does nothing to help pay the monthly premiums for the insurance. Combine that with high deductibles and co-pays , again what else can I say if you can't afford it now then you are not going to afford it later.

Of course they say their will be alternatives to it through Medicaid type programs for the economic challenge person. But they left a loop hole for the States in allowing them to op-out of the program. That is exactly what Texas and I believe 15 states in all have done.

That means that the Medicaid program in Texas does not receive help in paying the program and since the neo-cons who control the state representatives and senate as well as the governors mansion have no intention of providing anything like what is needed for the working class in Texas.

Let me give you an example of the lunacy that make up our Stare of Texas government.

The organization Planned Parenthood is one of the best alternatives in Texas for low income women to receive health care ie. OB and Gyn care and had been a part of the Medicaid program. But then Gov. Rick Perry and the Neo-cons in the TX Legislature backing him declined federal money because they could not refuse to continue funding Planned Parenthood for services rendered in that they also did abortions and they refused to use stare money to do so. That is their right if they are truly representing the people and this is what they want.

But here is the catch. The state had a pretty good women's and children's health care program going for the working class and poor. With US funding $9 for every $1 that the state was funding but now state of Texas is picking up the entire tab. All because they refused to pay Planned Parenthood who by the way assure ed the state the money funding women's health care would not be used for abortions.

My point is this with idiocy such as this going on can you figure out how we are going to come up with a reasonable and cost effective health care insurance program. I believe it is dead in the water before it is ever launched.

Let me remind you dear reader that in North America which makes up three countries from south to north Mexico, USA and Canada we, the USA, are the one without a basic universal health care program.

Of course this is but one issue of many in the Class war we are involved in.

So as the months tick by and we approach 2014 implementation of mandatory health care insurance I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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  1. Excellent,well thought out David...the health and welfare of the average citizen is lost because of the overwhelming money power of interest groups
    outstanding post.