Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Somehow I have allowed a month to pass from my last post. But that is not too significant when you realize that the events of the past month have been too depressing to write about. Everybody has drawn their line in the sand and now daring the other to cross it.

Somehow they manage to get your hopes up that they may actually start working together in congress and accomplish something when Republicans throw their compatriot that dared to hint at negotiation, under the bus before it even gets started.

Meanwhile so as to not have you think that I am just against Republicans, the democrats are crying foul and yet lack the political courage to stand their ground which in turn only encourages the Republican radicals.

So in short nothing has changed everything is still the same.

Some of the things that have happen personally or more so to my spouse gives some hint as to what is going on here in the good old USA.

Recently my wife, a researcher and grant writer at a non-profit charity, was told she was going to be cut back to part time so that they could hire a communications specialist who in turn was going to be her boss. Of course she was told it wasn't personal and it wasn't her work it was just business. But, it is personal for it is a definite economic blow to us. For one thing, she will lose her health benefits and at our age when we need them the most.

What makes the loss of health benefits difficult in part is the Health Care Reform Law that requires everyone in 2014 to have health insurance of one kind or another.  In Texas where we live it has become even more complicated with the politics that refuses to accept the law and has opted out and leaving people like us waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Because if you didn't know this then it is that there is not a real option available right now. It is like the Federal government really didn't expect anyone to say no.

It has become a Damn if you do and Damn if you don't. Result is the ones it hurts is people like us the working class and lower middle class. People who are never heard but are the backbone of the country.

Despite the cut in wages to half and loss of health insurance  they expected her to go along with it without complaint and by the way participate in helping to choose this person that would brought in.

Of course with the job market like it is against the middle aged worker because of their usually higher pay requirements and health insurance needs they are often left out of consideration.  My wife knowing this choked down her pride and has somehow managed to push on thru and awaiting to be told to begin working 20 hours a week once her new supervisor has come on board.

Just a side comment about the middle age worker in today's work environment. If you don't realize it just take a moment to look around you. Next time you are at Starbucks or 7-11 look at the Batista or clerk and you will note a person that is older than normal and who seems to be a little of out place . If you were to take time to get to know them you might find that they are someone who had been a mid-management or supervisor making decent money 60 to even 100K a year but now after being down-sized find their self working for $8-9 and hour instead after being unemployed for a year or better.

For a number of late 50s and early 60's they often just accept a smaller pay check and retire. Hence the reason for the increase in demands for Social Security Benefits.

I am not worried about my wife and I as I know we can survive we both grew up poor and raised our family on one income until I had reached the max of what I could make and she had to go to work outside of the home to round out our living expenses. It is just a matter for us of adjustment of our thinking and looking at our income easier now that it is just the two of us.

Enough for now. Just understand that there is diffidently a class war going on. between the elites 1% and the rest of us. I always remember what Joe Bagenat has written that you can always find someone willing to take a paycheck to beat the crap out of the rest of us and that is how the fight their battles. Using one of us to beat down the rest using fear as the motivating factor.

Keep the faith baby, and remember I may be paranoid but that does not mean that someone isn't out to get you.

Projects-Books and Movies

Weather has kept me out of my unheated shop but once warmer weather arrives I am ready. One of my presents will help in simplifying what I build. A new Kreg Jig that makes a butt joint stronger has me waiting to try it out on a couple of book cases.and cabinets.

Books - I have managed to read Lee Child "The killing Floor" and Crag Johnston "Another Man's Moccasin." Both books were both interesting and fun to read.
Movies - Recently watched "Reacher" a entertaining movie. one of the advantages of beinga senior is $4 tickets also watched on DVD "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer". Apparently the civil war was about killing vampires. Fun to watch and not bad acting or writing.
Well enough for now.


  1. The Kreg jig is very handy. I use it frequently for face frames among other things. I did not get the full kit like you. I am jealous!

  2. Damn David---sorry about the wife being oppressed and the health insurance problems. Your attitude is amazing and I honor you greatly for that--and for your thoughts of we know how to handle this---

    1. Here is the Warren - here is the deal no matter what happens there you are.