Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sometime you don't get to do what you want. But then that's lie. Today for,ecpxample I am setting with my wife in a local ER. The reason because a professional didn't listen to my wife when she told her that when ever she had a catered used on her it almost always caused a kidney infection. Well being the professional she didn't act proactive and result here we are in the ER on Sunday waiting on urine and blood test so she can get a serious antibiotic for the resulting kidney bladder infection.

My problem with professional anything is that they forget to listen to the folks that their actions effect. I know already they will tell us it wasn't connected the catheter and the infection. But experience say's different. In the end all i am saying is that no one should become so,self assured as ap professional so often does that they forget to listen to theeople who has experienced it. This goes for politicians or docs, or engineers.

Projects - Books - movies

Attaching shelfs to stand
Well hope the photos come throug but it show me actually finishing something. My wife's 9 pot plant stand

9 plant stand made as a mothers day gift for my wife

Read Preston & Childs book "Gideon Corpse" a great book that's about domestic terriost. Where I swear it seems like a book for how to do.

Also reading James lee Burkes book "Feast Day of Fools" a really good book set in contemporary times in south west Texas. If you are easily offended by language don't read it but it is good involving psychopath killers, shady goverment security contractors, in general just good reading.

 Well enough for now


  1. Hoping the wife does better---a great present for her to brighten what must be a bummer of a time. Great photo of you in the shop as well...I am going to investigate the two books you reviewed...they sound excellent. All the best...

    1. She will with time. Time in the shop is a pleasure never a chore.