Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Class warfare

I just finished reading Chomsky article on Salon and in forced me to stepup and comment.but you need toread his essay to get the full effect as to my thinking Here is a link.


Simply put it is in the best interest of the plutocracy (the elite) not to bring them back. Instead a fearful workforce is a controllable workforce. Chomsky's article succeeds in explains the how and why we must fight back but then questions if we ever will be able to.

I have been once agai laid low by arthritis and my shop time has suffered. But I am getting stronger with the new meds and hope to be back in action soom. I have been reading Joe Bageant collection of essays and once agai urge all to buy "Dancing at the Doomsday Waltz". This author now long gone diffentively had an understanding of the working poor white that everybody who wants to understand why they so consistently vote against their best interest needs to read. Also started Craig Johnson book "The Cold Dish" it is proving to be a very good read. Finally here is a food for thought question. How many refrigerators, new cars, suits of clothes we need or rathe what makes up a sustainable economy?

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