Monday, August 22, 2011

Evoloution of Everything

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Why I don’t know but I did. To me to argue about whether we evolved from monkeys or not is like arguing on how many angels you can get on the head of a pin. Essentially does it change the price of a cup of coffee.
The answer is No.
So why did I start to think about evolution?  Well it is that we do evolve one way or another. In fact the theory of evolution is one that can be applied to everything in life.
Think about it this way. When you start out as a young reader you are reading the basic See Dick and Jane. See Dick and Jane run. From that basic sentence structure you evolve into application of more complicated reading.
The same concept can be applied to our working life. When I started out as a young construction inspector I was raw with only the basic ability to follow instructions. In time I evolved into a senior construction inspector that understood the complexities of the work and how one item effected and related to another.
The world economy down to our very personal economy is evolving and like in any growth there are growing pains. But, I believe in this case it is more comparable to rebirth as we slowly evolve from a local economy where we depended on local made products and food supplies to global where our needs are supplied from all over the world mostly from third world countries with extremely low wages and eviromental laws.
Now we are entering into another evolution of our economy. This one is back to eventually a more local economy. Where our goods and food stuff are locally supplied.
This local economy rebirth will not be without growing pains and those who profit from a global economy will fit it kicking and screaming for they will profit from it the least. The ultra-rich and global corporations will not want to accept the concept of a local economy for there is no profit in it for them on the same level as it has been.
The future economy will evolve into local or national manufactures vs. international. Local business will flourish in the market place where as the big box stores like Wal-mart will suffer if not fail for it will make more economic and envirometal sense to walk or bicycle down to your local farmer’s market or merchant then to drive 10 miles to the big box store.
Will this happen overnight? No. But it will happen. How painful will be determine on how hard we try to maintain a unsustainable life style.
In The Workshop, Current Reads and in General
The heat has kept me out of the workshop but I am determined to get back out in it. My wife and I have received two second hand Iphones and our old cell phone holders no longer fit. So I am not waiting for cooler weather but getting back into the shop to fabricate new Iphone stands. Hopefully I will post photos by the end of the next post.

Started reading “Theories of Flight” by Simon Morden  and as in the first book of so far not disappointed. Have also been reading “For every Book” by Nicholas A. Basbanes
Also ordering two other books “The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality” by Richard Heinberg and the book by Barbara Ehrenreich “Nickle and Dime: on {not} getting by in America” from Amazon.
Darwin came to hate being associated with the theory of evolution. He felt that the people failed to see what he was writing about. His theory was about how animals evolved in their environment to meet the best case survival scenario and not how man came from monkeys.

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  1. You are so right about back to local Dave..hopefully it will be local co-ops, and bartering people helping others with needs...glad you like Theories of Flight---it's excellent...