Friday, August 26, 2011

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

I heard that old joke the other night on one of the cable TV old movie channels and it evoked the ideal that as a inhabitants of mother earth we are as a whole in denial.

We are in denial on climate change. i know we say we accept the fact that the earth is changing but then we treat it as a dirty little secret we don't like to talk about. If we started to talk about it then we would have to do something about it and that mean we would have to make changes in the way we live. God forbid if we should have to realize we can no longer afford to be indiscriminate consumers of needless and worthless goods.

If we started to accept the challenge of taking personal responsibility for our impact on earth climate change then we might find our self rethinking the total concept of how we live. But mother earth may not give us the opportunity to ignore our situation. She may in fact brutally remind us that we must accept our responsibility for our way of life.

As the oceans warm and rain forest are systematically destroyed and we create bigger concrete islands of heat and produce greater carbon dioxide levels with indiscriminate burning of carbon based fuels, pollute our drinking water with runoff from industrial waste both agg and manufacturing mother nature reminds us she has the finally say.

The southwest USA is in one of the longest driest spells since the dust bowls days.  Has any one thought of the consequences of failing ranches and farms. No water no food simple as that .

Aquifers are being poisoned by drilling for natural gas by fracturing. In short no drinking water no life.

One of the mainstays of physics is the belief that for ever action there is a reaction. That applies to everything that happens in life. It is the yin and yang of life. The good vs. bad.

I believe that we can no longer ignore our personal impact on the earth. That true change can only come about through individual effort. While legislation assist in change it is only by changing how people think can true change happen.

My personal belief is that we must think globally on the environment and locally on the economy for one has equal effect on the other.


Still reading "Theories of Flight" so far not a bad read. This blog entry has caused me to pull down off my shelves Bruce Sterlings "Heavy Weather" to reread. Also waiting to receive "Nickled and Dimed- On not getting by in America" updated from the original 2001 edition.

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  1. Excellent post Dave,
    You and I are living through one of the worst droughts in 50 years...until Washington has no water, until the rich are hungry nothing will be done...and then it's too late...