Sunday, July 3, 2011

Messing around and not much else.

Well this past week has been pretty much of a washout. Combined with the heat, family garage sale and a couple of birthdays included it has been pretty hetic.

The big thing is my wife and I managed to clear out some of the detritus that clutters up our life. I think that is a good thing to periodically step back and take at look at what is working and what is not and clear it out. Of course the hard part is not buying back into the same old bull @#$% and complicating and cluttering our lives all over again.


Did I hear this past week a president you said enough is enough and finally step up and said he had no problem being a one term president but we needed as a nation to have a reality check and stop BS around. I certainly hope so. That he will be the president who speaks for the common man. That he remembered his beginnings as a neighborhood activist with Catholic Charities. Let us hope so.

There was a interesting commentary on CBS where they were commenting on why there was so much discord between the poles of what people said they wanted and the positions and stand of the currently elected republican.

The CBS talking head said that the election process skewed as to who was ultimately elected. Went on to say that the folks nominated to run were chosen in the primaries by people what were die-hards politically that attracted the uber-rich right wing christian Conservatives that did not reflect the people as a whole even the party they represented.  It was definitely thought food. Based on his statement we have the responsibility to take a active part from beginning and not wait until the die has been cast.

On A Personal Note.

That is funny as really all of it is on a personal note. But it is time for Reba to renew your insurance for another year and she and I have enter into the debate of, Do I hold off on joining her insurance package as a spouse or take a chance until June of 2012 when I am eligible for Medicare.

My position is that even with insurance which will cost for me an additional $400 a month for premiums that if you combined that with the co-pays and deducts having insurance only helps out in getting me into a hospital other than a charity ward.  Overall if I have not miscalculated figures out to be about $600 a month for health coverage. That is $600 a month we don't have. Not that we haven't spent that kind of money recently. But as a steady diet we just don't have it.

I suspect that the dilemma Reba and I find our self on is a shared one with many a family right now. The health care initiative doesn't seem to have the answers. Combined the cost of for profit health care and threats of deep cuts to Medicare and Medicaid you got to wonder what to do.

Enough of that. Like I said the blog is about "just thinking it out."

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