Saturday, June 4, 2011

A theme in our lives.

I achieved absolutely nothing this past week in the shop. My wonderful wife has some health issues and I was needed and I needed to drive and sit in on the consults etc. One consistent theme that kept coming up from nearly all of the doctors was "A woman of your age". Needless to say this perturbed my wife to no end. Personally it didn't bother me in that I have been getting the same comments from my series of doctors. for a number of years.

I have had my hand and head patted now by my children and younger associates and called honey and sweetie by complete strangers, mostly young women in that they didn't see me as anything but a old guy. Then there is the fact that  it really didn't bother me anymore. I had reached that level of gezzerhood that it didn't matter.

You dear reader might ask what do I mean that level of gezzerhood that it does not matter?

Well, let me try to explain as simply as possible what it means to me.
  1. That I accept the fact that I am getting older and consequently spend quite a bit of time with doctors and medical techs.
  2. That I don't have to worry about what I wear it does not have to be hip or cool or stylish anymore. I can finally dress however I want as long as it covers up what needs to be covered up.
  3. That my eccentricity is for the most part ignored and no longer expected to conform to everyone else expectations. I have heard on more than one occasion that is just the way he is don't pay him any attention.
  4. That my music will drive the youngster in the next car as crazy as his music volume turned up as high as he can drives or used to drive me crazy. Only for different reasons mine is turned up because I can't hear it.
  5. I no longer worry about my career anymore. Even if I did still worked I would not be considered for a promotion because of my age. One of my favorite comments from a potential employer was "Guys your age expect too much in pay and benefits." This was from a contemporary I had trained.
In short there are benefits of being or entering into gezzerhood. It is just a matter of making peace with yourself and accepting the inevitability of aging.


The more I hear of the rhetoric coming from national, state and local governments the more I wish I followed my Dad's advice to head for Canada when I was 20 and had received my draft notice. The meanness and vindictiveness of the Republican party and it's associated organization the TEA party amazes me.

If I wish anything on theses people it would be that they would have to walk a mile in the shoes of the people that they seem to take offense at.

On a lighter note

Seen on bumper sticker

"I am a white, straight, male republican. If that doesn't piss you off what does."

Reading and Movies

Began reading Paul Theroux  "Fresh Ari Fiend" a collection of essays on writing and travel and as usual not disappointing and in fact quite entertaining.

I have been watching a mystery series on AMC called "The Killing" and I have to tell you it does not give up who done it. You will watch the entire series if only to find out who killed the teenage girl.

But that is not the only thing that it has going for it. It deals with the issue of immigration, poverty, the dynamics of the victims family, the effects on a cops life who wittiness our misfortunes.  Combine with great cine-photography  set in Seattle Washington. Watch it if you can even though there is only 3 shows left in the series.

Enough for now.

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  1. I am 51 and my age is showing some. I have people do things for me that I used to take care of my self. I know this will only become more frequent, which is a sign of getting older, but I don't mind much.

    I laughed at your comment about loud music due to not being able to hear it.

    Hope you and your wife stay away from the doctors this week and you get some shop time.